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Arabic Classes Online Free – One of the oldest languages ​​in the world and a truly beautiful dialect, Arabic represents the unique history and traditions of the Middle East. Although English is widely spoken and understood in the UAE, Arabic is the official language of the country and has its own values ​​and status. There are many institutions that offer Arabic language courses and communication training for non-native speakers. Here is a collection of free Arabic courses in the UAE for those interested in learning the widely spoken language.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and you don’t need to be fluent in Arabic to survive. However, knowing the basics of this beautiful language will help you ease into the UAE lifestyle. Here is a list of institutions that offer free Arabic lessons in Dubai.

Arabic Classes Online Free

The best choice to learn Arabic for free in Dubai is Main Road Institute. It is a leading language learning center that offers a variety of courses including free Arabic lessons for beginners. This course includes an introduction to the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and basic vocabulary. For more information about this free Arabic course in Dubai, visit the official website.

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A project by UAE university students, MBRF’s Bill Arabic initiative provides free Arabic language lessons to foreigners from non-Arab countries. These free classes are held every year on December 18, which coincides with the UN’s International Arab Day.

The Language Club (or TLC) offers free Arabic lessons in Abu Dhabi for those interested in learning Arabic. Founded by Marisol Vazquez, TLC is one of the most popular community centers offering free Arabic lessons in Abu Dhabi. This service is useful for beginners.

In addition to Arabic, this initiative teaches eight languages ​​including French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German and Spanish. To register for a course, visit the official website of the Language Club or visit their official Facebook page for more information on the latest courses.

Expats trying to improve their Arabic can rely on a variety of apps. Let’s check out these important apps with free Arabic lessons in the UAE. These apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store.

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Drop is an application that provides free Arabic lessons in the UAE. Take a few minutes to learn the basics of Arabic.

You will begin to understand basic vocabulary, commonly used phrases, words, Arabic business terms, and other useful tips. This app offers up to five minutes of free lessons every day. However, many courses that include offline training materials require an additional fee.

Another great option to get free Arabic lessons in the UAE is to use the Memrise language app. This app is easy to use and offers different levels of lessons.

Whether you are taking baby steps in learning Arabic for beginners or are an intermediate Arabic speaker, this app is a great choice. Regular use of the app is free, but some in-app purchases apply if you want to access offline learning materials and courses.

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Rosetta Stone is one of the best apps to learn Arabic for free in the UAE. Start with 10-minute lessons and progress to advanced lessons. Different subjects include speaking, reading and listening to Arabic texts.

This app works differently than other apps. Students begin with sounds and whole words rather than building alphabet knowledge in early lessons. The Rosetta Stone app plan offers 30 minutes of daily content for free. For full access, you must purchase a subscription.

Those looking to take Arabic courses for beginners in the UAE can use many online resources to brush up on their language skills. In addition to apps like Monly, many podcasts offer free Arabic lessons online. Sam and Arabic Pod 101 with Arabic are some of the most popular. In addition, also offers free trial courses online.

Here is a list of 50 important words and phrases that immigrants or visitors should know. Tourists can learn these basic phrases and communicate with the local community. These phrases include basic Arabic greetings, questions and words suitable for emergency situations.

Arabic Course: Speaking & Listening (level 1a)

Arabic Language Institute, Golden Age Institute, Main Road Institute and Al Salam Islamic Center are the best places for Arabic studies in Dubai.

This concludes our guide to free Arabic courses in the UAE. We’ve rounded up the best free books, apps, and other resources to help you learn the national language. There are many reasons why foreigners learn Arabic. This will help them better adjust to life in the UAE and increase their employment opportunities. A good way to start learning Arabic would be to understand the meaning of the names of the districts of Dubai.

To familiarize yourself with terms used in the UAE, you can look up Arabic jargon commonly used in real estate.

An inquisitive mind who likes to surround herself with good books, smart gadgets, and interesting friends. On her days off, you will find her watching Netflix and spending time with her child. In fact, there are so many Arabic courses online that it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you know which Arabic tools are right for you?

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This article is here. I researched free Arabic learning resources to find the best. The bottom line is, whether you’re just learning how to say hello in Arabic or ready to read full articles in Arabic, there’s something for every level.

Audio is a great way to learn Arabic. You can take it with you wherever you go, like on a trip or running to the corner store. You can listen while doing chores.

In this list, I have selected Arabic programs and audios that offer step-by-step Arabic lessons or teach Arabic as it is spoken in the real world.

Registration is free and Arabic content is available for all levels, from beginners to advanced. You get a free one-week trial to try out lessons for all skill levels. After that, you will have to pay for higher courses and premium equipment, but it is worth it.

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Language Transfer is a popular Arabic language course designed for intensive study. This is similar to Michelle Thomas’ method.

TuneIn lets you listen to radio from many Arabic-speaking countries. Try a few sites based on the pronunciation you want to learn and see what catches your eye.

Forvo is a great place to listen to Arabic spoken by native speakers. It has a large database and is a good reference for pronunciation.

YouTube is the best place to learn Arabic online. Video has the added benefit of allowing you to see facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal aspects of the Arabic language.

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In addition to the free podcast course, ArabicPod101 has a great YouTube channel with hours of free content.

In the Easy Arab series, the hosts take to the streets of Cairo, Egypt to interview people they meet there.

It’s nice to hear people speak real Arabic. You will learn to speak Arabic and improve your listening skills.

Learn Arabic by Zachary Tooth, animated cartoons are a fun way to learn the language. This channel is aimed at children, but is suitable for any beginner.

Arabic Courses Online

If you want to learn Lebanese Arabic, the Lebanese Arabic channel and Hiba Najam are very interesting. It now has more than 75 courses.

When you are just starting Arabic, it is helpful to follow a structured Arabic course. Here are my favorite free Arabic lessons:

Choose from 54 free lessons in different languages ​​at Live Lingua. It is a Peace Corps data center with FSI textbooks and audio materials.

Medina Arabic has two free online courses for Arabic students. One tutorial is for those who haven’t read the script yet, and the other is for those who can.

Learn Arabic Course

The app is an easy way to learn a new language, especially for those who like to learn on the go.

Memrise and Anki are flashcard programs that allow you to build your Arabic vocabulary. You can download decks created by other users.

Duolingo is a popular language learning application that introduces you to Arabic vocabulary and grammar. It’s a customized platform, so it’s fun to learn and easy to maintain your system.

With the free version of the app, you get five minutes of reading time per day. But you can do a lot in those five minutes.

Arabic Grammar Course

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offer not only Arabic courses but also other courses

If you want to use Arabic to learn more about something you’re interested in, take an online course