Best App For Learning Arabic

Best App For Learning Arabic – Add Arabic, the sixth most spoken language in the world, to your list of essential skills. You can use books and videos to learn Arabic, but perhaps a more interesting alternative is your phone. We are talking about learning Arabic through the app!

There are many Arabic learning materials to suit your learning abilities. It should be mentioned that Babbel does not provide Arabic. However, there are many other ways.

Best App For Learning Arabic

For example, Duolingo and Mondly are classics, while Pimsleur audio services can have beginners speaking Arabic confidently in no time. Rocket Language specializes in learning Egyptian languages. You can also use apps like italki and Preply to find affordable Arabic tutors.

Ways To Learn Arabic At Home For Free

The options seem endless. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the best options for you to join the 300 million Arabic speakers. Here are the 13 best apps to help you learn Arabic.

Short on money? Don’t worry. Expected ads aside, the content will cover the most basic concepts of the Arabic language to help you get started. This app is perfect for complete beginners to Arabic!

In addition to learning the alphabet, gender, and tenses, it has a strong focus on words used in everyday settings. In fact, you can perfect your speech with perfect English and Arabic audio provided.

The app also has conversations you can refer to for practice, and advanced features if you want to improve your vocabulary.

Lectia Language App From The National Foreign Language Center

Duolingo seems to be a language learning tool that everyone uses, so why not use it to learn Arabic? This app is great for complete beginners because of its interactive and easy-to-use features. Things like flashcards, audio, and checklists can help you understand concepts and track your progress.

However, a common criticism of Duolingo is that it can be too game-like, taking the focus away from learning the language. Flipping through the flash cards and matching the appropriate words to the sound can feel unchallenging. Duolingo is not recommended to those who are already familiar with Arabic, but it is definitely a good way to introduce the language to beginners in a fun way.

Price: Duolingo is free. However, users can purchase Duolingo Plus for access to additional services and an ad-free experience for $6.99 per month.

Many students are excited by the prospect of communicating in Arabic. For those who want to continue speaking Arabic without going into the basics, the following apps are the best choice.

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You may be familiar with Pimsleur because it is very popular in language learning circles. It is based on the Pimsleur Method, which is a scientifically proven method for speaking, understanding and reading a new language.

Pimsleur provides a special 30-minute audio lesson that can be supplemented with bonus learning materials such as flash cards, quizzes and reading lessons.

You can learn three types of Arabic languages ​​with Pimsleur: Modern Standard Arabic, Eastern Arabic languages ​​and Egyptian languages.

With Pimsleur, you can study anytime and anywhere – even while driving in your car. That way, you don’t have to spend time learning Arabic.

Best Edx Online Courses App To Learn Arabic

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Features), or $20.95/month for All Access.

Connect only with trainers that you feel are the best after watching their introductory videos and reading their reviews. You can choose from professional tutors with years of experience, or local tutors who can help you get excited and confident to speak Arabic. You can also narrow your search by languages ​​such as Standard Modern, Levantine, Gulf and Egyptian.

Cost: italki is free to download and the course is free to use. Prices for tutors vary, starting at $4 per lesson.

Busuu provides lessons for you to develop your Arabic conversation. The lessons are divided into four categories: Beginner A1, Lower A2, Intermediate, B1, and Upper Intermediate B2, each covering over 20 topics. Overall, Busuu prepares its users well enough to become an intermediate speaker. can speak fluently in Arabic on many subjects.

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A very helpful aspect of Busuu is the social feature that allows users to chat with other students, practice with native speakers and even correct other students’ mistakes. Individuals can also purchase private lessons with a tutor to practice their Arabic.

Pricing: For unlimited access to content, Busuu offers two options: the Premium Plan which offers access to only one language, and the Premium Plus Plan which provides access to all languages. Prices vary for each program. In addition, live lessons cost extra.

If you are interested in learning an Egyptian language, Rocket Language may be the best choice. There are seven modules with lessons divided into three categories: communication, language and culture studies, and writing lessons.

This cultural and linguistic combination is designed to help you understand the Egyptian language and better understand key concepts. A bonus to this app is that you will have perfect Egyptian music throughout your trip!

Best Apps To Learn Arabic In 2023

Price: Lifetime online access to Rocket Languages ​​includes 122 hours of lessons for $99.95. You can also choose a monthly payment plan. Before that, start your free trial.

Individuals who want to start with the basics should learn the Arabic alphabet and some vocabulary. The following material provides several exercises for complete understanding.

Practicing your Arabic alphabet on your phone couldn’t be easier with learning the Arabic alphabet. Before you try to write a letter, listen to the pronunciation of the text and notice how the letter is written.

Then you can find the letters on your screen and compare them to the template to see your progress. Your track will be deleted if you do it wrong. This way, you will perfect your writing skills.

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Price: Learning the Arabic alphabet is free to use. However, for an ad-free experience and access to the platform, you need to become a VIP user for $9.25.

FunEasyLearn is another app that works well in introducing the Arabic alphabet to beginners. It has features designed to help users learn, practice and apply their knowledge to strengthen their understanding. In addition, once users have understood the concept of the Arabic alphabet, they can proceed to vocabulary and sentence components.

With this app, users can control the pace of their learning by adjusting the pronunciation speed, choosing the translation and managing the content. Of course, you can always monitor your progress and find areas of improvement using the calculator feature!

Value: FunEasyLearn is best used with the premium package as it provides access to the entire alphabet, words, phrases and additional features. Premium Package per language per month costs $6.53, with discounts for longer subscriptions. A lifetime subscription costs $75.96.

Learning Apps For Stir Crazy Kids

This app may be more expensive than the others on this list, but it has some great features and improvements that will definitely make your learning experience worthwhile.

Mondly offers 33 languages ​​with Arabic as one of them. It offers daily lessons, vocabulary tasks and weekly and monthly challenges to ensure you have the best possible exposure to the language.

Mondly’s chat box feature is also useful as you can make conversations to strengthen your conversational Arabic. Using various conversation topics, you can perfect your speech with the bot before you start talking to a real person in Arabic.

Price: Full Arabic course on Mondly costs $9.99 per month. You can pay more for better deals and access to all 33 languages. Check out the latest Mondly ads or try it for free.

Learn Arabic: Free Online Language Course & Lessons

If you are looking for a structured learning plan with courses, then AlifBee should be one of your first choices. This app is designed to transform absolute beginners into intermediate students.

We know that beginners can get frustrated with apps that can’t help them pass a level, but AlifBee overcomes that. In addition to learning alphabet words and vocabulary, it introduces reading, grammar and writing skills early so that students can easily understand reading comprehension questions.

Price: You may find AlifBee on the expensive side but for all the right reasons. It provides some content for free, but AlifBee Premium provides unlimited access and ad-free learning. A month of AlifBee Premium costs $16.33, and you get better deals for longer subscriptions. For those who are serious about learning Arabic, buy a lifetime option that costs $272.25.

Arabits is another great tool for learning Arabic. Writing is not the main component of this application as it focuses more on spoken Arabic. The lessons are divided into seven levels, excluding the basic level. Personally, this type of organization is helpful because the content is easy to follow.

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Plus, there are assessments after each level and interactive activities to help you practice the new rules you’ve learned.

Price: Annual subscription is $27.22 and monthly subscription is $5.44. Both offers provide unlimited access to Arabit and newly released content.

Since its introduction, the Arabic Qur’an has always sparked the interest of students. However, the common perception of this local language is that it is limited to believers. Instead, individuals throughout history have studied it for historical reasons, cultural factors, scientific evidence, and more.