Best Arabic Teaching App

Best Arabic Teaching App – Six Best Free Arabic Learning Apps and Podcasts Living in the digital age, there are many choices when it comes to language apps. Here we have tried and tested it for you

Learning Arabic is at the top of the to-do list for UAE residents, new to the country or otherwise. Of course, there are amazing Arabic teachers, classes and courses in the Emirates, but if you don’t have the time or money for a course, learning from apps and podcasts is a proven method that works.

Best Arabic Teaching App

Here’s a review, by no means definitive, of some of the most effective apps and podcasts I’ve come across and used.

Five Language Learning Apps Tested And Reviewed

All apps and podcasts offer free lessons and tutorials, although the apps have various bonus features that you can access for a fee. The apps are available in the UAE for Android and Apple users, and the podcast is available on various providers.

For budding Arabic scholars, the news that Duolingo is available in Arabic is well received. A slow and steady approach to learning, the app promises to teach you Arabic in five minutes a day, teaching scholars to recognize letters and sounds, then form words and sentences. As you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock new milestones, starting with the alphabet before ending with descriptors, followed by country- and theme-specific phrases. Along with the structured levels, there are also personalized practice quizzes you can take to improve your skills. The app isn’t afraid to send the message that you’re exercising daily, if you can’t log in for a few days you can expect it to get pretty passive-aggressive.

Price: The best part has to be that it is free to use with no restrictions, but you can upgrade to an ad-free version of the app for Dh36.99, Dh174.99 per month. Six months or Dh294.99. annually. . There’s also a free seven-day trial of Duolingo Plus.

Another app that requires a bit of your time every day is Drops. When you start, you choose the ‘learning path’ that best suits your needs, be it basic vocab, conversation starters, confident tourist, business speech or love language. You can use the application for free for five minutes a day, and it offers to send you a daily reminder at a time of your choice. In the early stages, alternates repeated letters matching sounds and yes or no answers.

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Price: You can use the application for free for five minutes a day. When you use up your time, it gives you a countdown until you can log in again. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Premium for Dh37.99, Dh269.99 per month. per year or Dh579.99. for life, giving you offline access to lessons and unlocking all levels. The app also offers deals – we were offered Dh154.99. Annual subscription.

One of the most famous names in language learning, you can learn Arabic for free with the Rosetta Stone app. You start with 10-minute lessons and work your way up. It covers speaking, reading and listening and gets you talking, identifying the difference between masculine and feminine words from lesson one. Unlike other apps, you start with complete words and sounds instead of building alphabet knowledge in early lessons.

Price: The free plan gives you 30 minutes of daily content. With full access, you get access to over 250 hours of content spanning 12 units, plus you can download lessons. Full access costs Dh209.99 for three months, Dh322.99 for six months, Dh459.99 for one year or Dh749.99 for life.

Memrise is a newer language app. With it, you choose your level, beginner or intermediate, and then say why you’re learning, whether it’s for work, love, travel, commuting, education or just brain training. Memrise starts with the alphabet and right from the start shows the student different letter shapes and breaks down the words to put together, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. It’s not as easy to navigate as other apps, but once you start forming words, it shows you the ones you’ve learned, which boosts your confidence.

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Price: Its daily use is free. When you first sign up, there is a deal to buy an annual offer for Dh109.99 or Dh219.99. Offering full price offline and ad-free learning.

Learning through podcasts promotes spoken Arabic with a natural emphasis on listening. Arabic Pod 101 has tons of pre-recorded lessons that you can download and listen to on the go, hearing phrases and conversations from the beginning, which are then broken down so the student can repeat and practice the phrases.

Price: Free with podcast providers. You can also register on the website to download PDF notes that accompany the lessons. Visit

Make sure you start with the first episode as Sam, the narrator and teacher, covers everything from basic grammar points, gendered verbs to sentence constructions, before moving on to topics such as numbers, school, animals and countries. The app is a great way to build vocabulary once you learn the basics. Sam is a friendly, kind storyteller who is easy to learn and provides detailed explanations. I’ve found listening to his podcasts once or twice is helpful. Add Arabic, the sixth most spoken language in the world, to your list of critical skills. You can use books and videos to learn Arabic, but your phone might be a more attractive alternative. We are talking about learning Arabic through apps!

Best Apps To Learn Arabic In 2023

There are many Arabic learning apps to improve your learning abilities. It should be noted that Babel does not offer Arabic. However, there are many alternatives.

For example, Duolingo and Mondly are classics, and the Pimsleur audio course can have beginners speaking Arabic with confidence in record time. Rocket Languages ​​specializes in teaching the Egyptian dialect. You can also use apps like italki and Preply to find available Arabic tutors.

The options seem endless. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the best choices for you to join the 300 million Arabic speakers. Here are the 13 best apps to help you learn Arabic.

In short, cash? Do not worry. Aside from the expected advertising blitzes, the content covers the most basic concepts of Arabic to get you started. These apps are perfect for absolute beginners in Arabic!

Best Edx Online Courses App To Learn Arabic

In addition to teaching the alphabet, the concepts of masculine and feminine gender and verb tenses, he pays great attention to vocabulary words that are used in everyday life. In fact, you can improve your speaking with English pronunciation and Arabic audio.

The app also has conversations you can refer to for practice and an advanced feature if you want to improve your word vocabulary.

Duolingo seems to be an accessible language learning app for everyone, so why not use it to learn Arabic? This app is perfect for absolute beginners because of its interactive and simple features. Things like flash cards, audio, and checkpoints help you understand concepts and track your progress.

However, a common criticism of Duolingo is that it can be too game-like, taking the focus away from language learning. Flipping through the cards and matching the correct words to the sound can be overwhelming. We wouldn’t recommend Duolingo for those who already know Arabic, but it’s certainly great for beginners.

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Price: Duolingo is free. However, users can purchase Duolingo Plus for access to additional services and an ad-free experience for $6.99 per month.

Many students are excited about the possibility of communicating in Arabic. For those who want to jump into the Arabic language without going too deep into the basics, the following apps are the best options.

You may be familiar with Pimsleur as it is very well known in language learning circles. It is based on the Pimsleur method, a scientifically proven method for speaking, understanding and reading new languages.

Pimsleur offers 30-minute audio lessons that can be supplemented with additional learning materials such as flash cards, quizzes and reading lessons.

Six Of The Best Free Arabic Learning Apps And Podcasts

With Pimsleur you can learn three types of Arabic dialects: Modern Standard Arabic, East Arabic dialect and Egyptian dialect.

With Pimsleur, you can study anytime, anywhere – even while driving. That way, you won’t have to spend time during the day learning Arabic.

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95 per month for audio only; $19.95/month for Premium (with bonus content), or $20.95/month for all access.

Simply connect with the mentor that suits you best after watching their introductory videos and reading their reviews. You can choose from professional tutors with years of experience or community tutors to help you stay motivated and gain confidence in speaking Arabic. You can limit your search to dialects such as Modern Standard, Levantine, Gulf, and Egyptian.

Best Arabic Learning Apps For Android

Cost: italki is free to download and the exercises are free to use. Prices for teachers vary, starting at $4 per lesson.

Busuu offers lessons to improve your spoken Arabic. Lessons are shared