Best Language Learning Apps For Arabic

Best Language Learning Apps For Arabic – Arabic is a popular language with 1.8 billion speakers. Learn to speak with the best Arabic learning apps!

Arabic is a shockingly popular language. It is the official language of most Arab countries. It covers about 1.8 billion people. It is also one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. It’s no surprise that people want to learn it. There are many ways to learn new languages, and most of them are available to Android users. There haven’t been many new apps in recent years, but the ones that do exist have been iterated and improved significantly. We can help you choose the right one. Let’s take a look at the best Arabic learning apps for Android.

Best Language Learning Apps For Arabic

Busuu is a popular language learning app with many languages. Arabic is one of them. The program has a community style with lots of traditional and new age teaching methods. It also includes short, repetitive lessons for memorizing and accent practice. You get Arabic conversations, vocabulary and grammar lessons, native speaker help and offline support. The app has occasional bugs or problems. However, this is usually not a bad thing. The price above may seem steep, but it averages just under $6 per month and is competitive with other prices on the list.

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Drops: Learn Arabic is one of the newer apps for learning Arabic. It focuses on quick, short sessions and conversational training in Arabic. He doesn’t really learn much grammar. Learn words, phrases and conversations. Grammar just happens along the way. This is a very simple and aggressive learning style. The free version limits your usage to five minutes per day. You can get around that with the premium version. It’s pretty good and the free version is adequate for casual students.

Duolingo is one of the most popular free apps for learning Arabic. It uses a fairly simple and quick learning approach. The focus is on things like vocabulary terms, phonetic pronunciation and little memory games. That’s how Duolingo tries to make language learning fun. It seems to work though, as 34 hours in the app is apparently the equivalent of a semester in college. The app also includes things like daily challenges to keep people engaged. It’s completely free, with no in-app purchases. We’re just here. Duolingo added Arabic in mid-2019, so it’s one of the newer languages ​​on the platform.

Google Translate is a powerful application for travelers and linguists. There are three main functions in the application. The first is a text translator that works in 103 languages ​​online and 59 languages ​​offline. You can also point the camera at content and the app will translate the things it sees. This works great for menus and directions. Finally, you can actually talk to Google Translate and it translates what you say into other languages. This third feature is a great practice tool. The app is free and anyone learning a new language should have it.

HelloTalk is an interesting and unique language learning app. It works a bit like social media. Create a profile, meet people and learn a new language. It currently supports over 100 languages ​​and that includes Arabic. You sign up, pair up with someone, teach them your language, and they teach you theirs. It’s a nice experience. However, we don’t think this will just get you to the end. We recommend using this as an additional learning resource alongside something a little more traditional like Memrise, Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.

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Memrise is one of the most powerful and popular language learning programs. It supports dozens of languages, including Arabic. Memrise takes a comprehensive approach to learning Arabic. It includes standard, traditional things like vocabulary and grammar lessons, as well as guides to pronunciation, social studies, conversational Arabic, and more. It even works offline. It’s a bit expensive to subscribe. However, this is a very serious app for serious students.

Mondli is very similar to Memrise. It is huge, supports many languages ​​(including Arabic) and has many learning tools. Mondli puts a lot of emphasis on conversational Arabic and building a grammar and vocabulary base from there. Also includes studio stats, motivational leaderboards, catchphrases and more. It is quite expensive, similar to Memrise. However, the two have different philosophies when it comes to teaching. You may or may not succeed. It depends on your learning style.

Rosetta Stone is a big name in language learning software. He is almost 30 years old at this point. A more traditional approach is needed. It includes phraseology, conversational Arabic and even grammar. It starts with basic vocabulary and grammar and gradually expands to include conversations. It’s an effective method even if it’s more conventional than most. It is also one of the most expensive programs on the list. However, you can pay for it once and avoid additional subscription costs, and we like that.

Simpli Learn Arabic is one of the simplest apps for learning Arabic. It works mainly like dictionaries. The premium version of the app includes over 1,000 common words and phrases. The free version has about 300 or so. You also get quizzes, audio pronunciation, and flashcard support. This works best as a secondary learning aid rather than a primary source. We recommend using something like this along with something like Duolingo (when it becomes available in Arabic) for a good one-two punch.

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Tandem is very similar to HelloTalk. This is a community app with lots of people learning new languages. You mate with one and teach them your language. They in turn teach you. The app supports audio and video calls as well as text, video and audio messages. Tandem also offers mentors and a selection of content. Like HelloTalk, we recommend this as a secondary learning resource. It might be a bit intimidating for people who are new to language learning. By the way, both this and HelloTalk are great.

If we’ve missed any great Arabic learning apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments below! You can also click here to check out our latest Android apps and games lists! In fact, there are so many online Arabic courses that it can be difficult to know where to start. How do you know which Arabic sources are right for you?

That’s where this article comes in. I have reviewed countless free Arabic learning tools to find the best. What’s great is that there’s something for every level, whether you’re just learning to say hello in Arabic or if you’re ready to read all the articles in Arabic

Audio is a great way to learn Arabic. You can take it with you wherever you go, like when you’re traveling or when you’re running to the corner store. You can also listen while doing housework.

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In this list, I have selected Arabic podcasts and audios that offer step-by-step Arabic lessons or that teach Arabic as it is spoken in the real world.

Signing up is free and has an impressive amount of Arabic content available for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced. You get a one-week free trial to test lessons at all skill levels. After that, you’ll have to pay for advanced lessons and premium content, but it’s worth it.

Language Transfer is a popular Arabic language course designed for intensive learning. It is similar to the Michel Thomas method.

You can listen to radio from many Arabic-speaking countries on TuneIn. Try a few stations based on the dialect you want to learn, see what catches your eye.

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Forvo is a great place to listen to Arabic words spoken by native speakers. It has a large database and is a good reference for pronunciation.

YouTube is a great place to learn Arabic online. Video has the added benefit of allowing you to see facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal aspects of Arabic.

In addition to free podcast lessons, ArabicPod101 also has an excellent YouTube channel with hours of free content.

In the series Easy Arabic, the hosts take to the streets of Cairo, Egypt and interview the people they meet there.

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It’s a great way to hear people speak real Arabic. You will record Arabic conversations and improve your listening comprehension.

The little cartoons on Learn Arabic with Zakaria are a cute way to learn the language. The channel is intended for children, but is ideal for all beginners.

If you are interested in learning the Lebanese dialect of Arabic, the channel Learn Arabic with Hiba Najem will be of particular interest. Now there are more than 75 lessons.

When you are just starting out with Arabic, it can be helpful to follow a structured Arabic course. Here are three of my favorite free Arabic courses:

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Choose from more than 54 free courses in