Easiest Way To Learn Arabic

Easiest Way To Learn Arabic – Most typing courses provide a table of Arabic letters and expect you to move on to the next lesson after learning the letters. This brutal method of memorization can be improved a little by using a spaced flashcard system like Anki to study the letters one by one and review them at regular intervals, but you will still be putting brutal pressure on d ‘brain as you try to push the letters. Arabic. letters there.

After all, even if you remember the cards perfectly, you run the risk of confusing letters or simply not being able to connect them to read real Arabic words. This blog post will try to answer the question of how you can learn the alphabet smarter and with less effort.

Easiest Way To Learn Arabic

I will say right away that I am not biased because I have written the book Hacking the Arabic Script (and equivalent books for other alphabets) and I would be happy to buy it. However, I will share many tips that you can apply with or without the book.

How To Learn The Arabic Language To Understand The Quran

Problem: In Arabic, many letters look very similar to each other, differing only in the number of dots and position. If you rely only on rote memory, you will surely confuse those similar letters.

Solution: Take advantage of similarity! The Arabic alphabet is already grouped by similar shapes, so if you can find a mnemonic (trick) to help you remember the differences, you only need to learn very few different shapes.

For example, the Arabic equivalent of the letter T (ت) and the letter TH (ث) differ only in the number of dots. T has two points and TH has three points. This is perfect because the numbers two and three also start with T and TH respectively.

As you might expect, Ď doesn’t sound 100% like D, so adding a dot to the Arabic Daal also changes its pronunciation – Dhaal with a dot is like TH.

Your Guide To Learning Arabic

Think of Yaa as a water slide where two people go “Yaaay! as they slide down and then land in the water.

It is not enough to study the letters listed above, because Arabic is always written in a related form (like the cursive you learned in school). It is optional, like English. And when letters are combined, they necessarily take different forms, usually abbreviated.

So, in addition to the letter forms above, you’ll need to learn how to identify the “first,” “middle,” and “last” forms of these letters based on whether the letters are at the beginning, middle, or end the letters. letter. word (or depending on circumstances that are too complicated for this job).

Before you complain: it’s not very different from English. Consider that the upper case letter A, used at the beginning of a sentence, is also different from the lower case letter a. Most people write “a” as “ɑ”, so there are already three A’s to learn, apart from the cursive.

Arabic Alphabet With Resources For Kids

Problem: Arabic textbooks show different forms of each letter, but usually lack exercises. As long as your understanding is still theoretical, you will struggle with the Arabic alphabet.

Solution: To activate this knowledge of letter shapes, I recommend taking real Arabic texts and not trying to read/understand them, but try to find the letter. Another great way to teach yourself to understand Arabic is to count how often a letter occurs in a text.

Solution: First of all, I would never buy any beginner course that doesn’t have audio. And I mean human voice, not computer voices (I’m looking at you Duolingo!) because I don’t want to sound like a robot.

Pronunciation is very important to get the word right. But if you’re stuck on the sound of a certain letter, you can find hundreds of sound samples at www.forvo.com.

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There is also a certain trick that linguists use. This means comparing the pronunciation of two words that share only one letter, such as English words

No matter how often you look at the Arabic letters, you will have a very difficult time remembering them unless you have a visceral connection with the letters.

The easiest way to do this is to carefully copy the Arabic by hand (remember to write from right to left!). This way you will notice many small things that you would not notice just by looking at the letters.

I recommend getting a set of writing practice notebooks for first graders with a few lines to help you coordinate the size and relative curvature of each part of the letter.

Read And Speak Arabic For Beginners (by Jane Wightwick) [3rd Edition]

It doesn’t take much practice to read Arabic letters as fluently as English. But as a beginner with a limited vocabulary, there is not much to practice.

If you keep reading the dialogues in your textbook, you will start to remember them without much effort to recognize and read the letters. There is also the danger that you can always misread words because as a beginner you don’t know whether something should be read as kama or kana.

Solution: Practice with words that should be known, such as country names, city names, personal names, Arabic foreign words from English, English foreign words from Arabic, etc.

There are a lot of these words – a few hundred, maybe a thousand – so that you won’t easily give up on easy practice material, and at the same time you have a built-in self-correction system that enables you to go “Wait . a minute !” if you accidentally read it

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To find the right words, check the Arabic version of Wikipedia or google “Arabic words in English” or something.

When I was learning Arabic, I was disappointed with the material available. Most language “courses” make no attempt to teach the alphabet. They really expect you to look at the table of letters and somehow cram everything into your brain.

So, when I was further along, I decided to create an Arabic alphabet course that combined all these insights I wish I had when I started – the same insights I covered in this blog post.

My course introduces you to letters one by one, memories and similar references, sound, hundreds of related to practice your fluency, space for writing, and letter tracing exercises to recognize different shapes.

Arabic Grammar In Urdu Easy Way To Learn Arabic Grammar Part 1 2

You can collect all this yourself from various sources on the Internet, based on the tips above. But if you want to save those hours and spend them really learning the language, or if you want to take advantage of a unique algorithm that ensures that you learn the letters in the best order and with maximum practice, I would appreciate it if Judith Meyer had bought Arabic Script Hacking book.

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