Egyptian Arabic Learning App

Egyptian Arabic Learning App – The logo of the Etakellem Arabi initiative launched by the Ministry of Migration. Courtesy of the Egyptian Ministry of Migration and Emigration Affairs.

Growing up, Arabic was not spoken in the home or away. it is just listen I heard from my parents I hear it on TV, music or movies, and sometimes on the radio. But it’s not a common language.

Egyptian Arabic Learning App

The difficulty in speaking Arabic was not only due to my unfamiliarity with the language. but also a platform that supports and encourages non-Arabic speakers to learn Arabic in an innovative and engaging way. Although you can easily choose to learn Arabic from a language institute or tutor. But the idea of ​​having direct, free, and free access on one platform that you can use anytime of the day is not very popular.

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Duolingo, a language learning website and mobile app It has been very successful as the first platform to offer a fun and addictive way to learn languages. With distinctive branding and design in the style of the Owl Duo, while critics agree that the app

It doesn’t help people become fluent in any one language. Because it takes more effort to converse and socialize with native speakers. But what helps with teaching is consistency. “What Duolingo does may actually inspire students to do things you wouldn’t be able to give them enough time to do,” says Sébastien Dubreil, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. which means taking the time in that textbook and building up vocabulary and grammar,” said Sébastien Dubreil, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University . . .

The hardest thing about learning a language is being involved and motivated to learn. This is especially true for children or teenagers who may not yet see compelling reasons to learn a language. For this reason, the Egyptian Ministry of Migration Affairs and Emigration has just launched the app. “Speak Arabic”/”Etkallem Arabi” (اتكلم عربي), which aims to promote the Arabic language and Egyptian culture among the second and third generations of Egyptians living mainly abroad. It is conducted in partnership with the National Council for Children and Motherhood and the Nahdet Misr Publishing Group.

Name of the application “Speak Arabic” stated that it aims not only to help young Egyptians learn the language. but also speaking This is often the most challenging part for Egyptians living abroad when it comes to Arabic. learning Arabic in classroom lessons and hearing other members In the family they talk about one thing. But it’s another story that really makes me feel a deep connection with that language. which no longer feels “alien” to us when asked to write or say it.

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It’s designed for ages 3 to 6, which means that older users may already know 80-90% of the content or find it too simple. There are slightly more complex phrases in the application. But it’s clear that the songs and fun content are designed for kids.

This application is mainly aimed at Egyptians. Especially the second and third generation of Egyptians living abroad. This means that all brands and content of the application include aspects of Egyptian culture and traditions. It is also assumed that the user is of Egyptian or Arabic descent as most of the content and instructions are entirely in Arabic.

When a user downloads the app He will first have to create an account with a Google or Facebook account or create a completely new account (note: the content is in Arabic. So users must have a native Arabic speaker to help create an account.)

After that, another screen will appear where the user has to select the language he speaks. It is important that users choose the correct language they speak. Because it will help them understand the intro video that will appear next.

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Once the user selects an avatar and registers. A video will appear explaining to them the activities of the application. The application offers lessons using listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple choice questions to help you memorize symbols, images, and learn new words, phrases, and sentences.

The first thing the user will see is his avatar and the levels he should unlock behind Egypt. To unlock each level The user must click on the avatar to go directly to the event. This usually involves flashcards and simple multiple-choice questions.

In the upper right corner of the screen there is an icon of an open book. This will take the user to the library section. This is where users can play activities, songs, videos, learn sentences and how to write a letter. This is useful for people who want to learn a language on their own over a short period of time. of entertainment

First of all, the library section is a great way to combine entertainment, culture and learning. and help your child to ‘immerse’ in an Arabic environment which is rare in their environment abroad.

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The application also creates a great link between the virtual and offline worlds with worksheets that the user can access in the library whenever he clicks on a sentence, letter, song or video. It is also free to access which is a big plus for those who live abroad and do not have easy access to Arabic materials. Users can also download them to their phones and forward them to their relatives abroad.

Because Arabic has a writing system writing style and own pronunciation The font is a huge plus. as it helps the user to know the visual representation of the words or the sounds that help build the word and how to write the letters and pronounce each word correctly.

After using the app continuously for a few weeks or months. Your child may be able to learn new sounds, phrases, and symbols. They may not understand every word of the songs and videos in the app. But with consistent use and helping them remember songs and videos. Your child may understand Arabic and become more familiar with Arabic.

In short, this application helps your child to become more connected and familiar with the language in an interesting way. This is quite similar to popular YouTube videos for kids which are viewed millions of times every day. And it’s generally produced in English instead of YouTube. This is an alternative way to learn basic phrases. know how to introduce yourself, ask questions, communicate routine tasks and understanding basic interactions

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The great thing about this application is that music and videos can help users break down the components of a sentence. so that they can understand what they are saying. Instead of just learning words and phrases and not knowing how to put them together, make phrases.

The app may help your child become familiar with the language. But it doesn’t necessarily help them to speak Egyptian. It is understood that one must learn a language before learning to speak a dialect. But here’s what the app allows you to do: it can take you through the first steps of learning a language. But socializing and understanding a wide range of topics and not find cultural differences

It will also be more helpful if the songs and videos have translations below the Arabic text to help children learn on their own instead of having an Arabic person guide them through the application.

It’s just an engaging platform to help them get “consistent” in learning the basics of the Arabic language and structuring their sentences. But higher levels mean they are encouraged to watch longer movies and attend Egyptian gatherings and social settings.

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If your child uses YouTube Kids and other platforms which is mainly in English There are good reasons to use Etkalem Arabi to help build a good foundation in the Arabic language.

The key to feeling connected to your culture or identity in a foreign environment is access to fast, interesting and free content your child can use anytime, anywhere. And that’s exactly what Etkalem Arabi does, social media and new technologies. Help us build a culture of free accessible content. and connects us to a global culture we never thought we could reach. This shows the impact of connecting cultures across borders and time.

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