Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words

Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words – There is nothing more satisfying for a parent or teacher than hearing their kindergartner begin to read. Just wait until you hear the excitement in your child’s voice when they realize that they can recognize the words on these sight worksheets.

High frequency words are exactly what they sound like…the words readers automatically recognize when they see them. The reader has actually memorized the words to recognize and read immediately without trying to say the sounds of the letters or with any other decoding strategy.

Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words

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Sight Words Practice Word Search: You, Two, We, All, Am, Yes

High frequency words are used frequently throughout the text, and once children learn them, they find it easier to read. They can then spend their energy on understanding the more difficult words. Reading fluency and comprehension also begin to improve. Plus, your confidence as a reader grows with every “ON THAT WORD!”

Google the phrase: “Sight Word List” and hundreds of links will come up with different word lists and opinions about what children need to know. So what list of words should you teach? Well all of course!

They are all important for readers to learn, but Dolch’s High Frequency Word List is the most used for teaching high frequency words. Dolch’s word list of 220 service words is grouped by grade level, starting with Pre-K through 3rd grade.

The Kindergarten Dolch Word List, also called the First Dolch Word List, contains 52 words. These are the words featured in this fun new printable sight word pack. Words included in the package: all, are, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, arrived, done, do, eat, four, get, well, have, he, in, as, must, again, no, now, in, our, out, please, beautiful, ran, rode, saw, says, she, then, soon, here, they, this, also, under, want, was, well, was, that, white, who, will, with, if.

Sight Word Bingo Using Dolch Words (free Printable)

Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the material for this activity here. Click on the image above to get what you need.

Each of these free printable kindergarten worksheets has six different activities to give beginning readers plenty of practice working with kindergarten words. Children will read the word, trace the word, build the word, spell the word, rainbow spell the word, and find and color the word.

Black and white worksheets are printed with little ink to help you save on one commodity: ink from your printer. Save even more ink by printing a set and placing them in sleeve protectors – Instant Word Work Center!

Separate the worksheets and create six different small group or hub activities with some poster board, laminate and a pair of scissors! Print the sight word activity sheets on the cover, laminate some of them, and then cut out the activities separately.

Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards

You will receive instant access to the worksheet ALL 52 words in the Kindergarten Dolch Word List completely FREE! That’s right, I’m not trying to bug you with just a few sample worksheets and then charge you if you want to print the rest of the words on the list. Download all 52 printable worksheets for toddlers, one worksheet page for each sight word in Kindergarten Dolch Word List.

Once your little students have mastered the 42 Pre-K and 52 Kindergarten sight words available in my other packets, they will be ready for the next set of worksheets: the Preschool Sight Word Sheets. The package includes all 41 words from the first Dolch word list seen.

Download all five printable sight word worksheet packs to teach all your kids. It’s 220 free worksheets that include all 220 Dolch sight words for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked by this fun activity, take it a step further with these fun resources:

Basic Sight Words Worksheet

Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten Bob Books: Sight Words, 1st Grade Curious George Sight Words: 10 Book Reading Program Pete the Cat 12 Book Phonics Fun!: Includes 12 mini-books with short and long vowel sounds (My first can ). Read ) Sight Word Stories: Level B (Parent Pack): Little books that teach 25 high-frequency words to help new readers fly! Meet Sight Words – Level 2 – Easy Reading Books (12 Book Box Set) Bob Books – First Stories Box Set | Phonics, Ages 4 and Up, Kindergarten (Stage 1: Beginning Reading) Little Readers: Guided Reading Level A: A large collection of books at the right level for beginning readers Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learn the first 50 words a view s a Nap! 25 NEW Illustrated Sight Word Readers Phonics Teaching Supplies Prek Scholastic 25 books that teach 50 sight words!! (Sight word readers)

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We love our addition of 10 sets so much that I created a subtraction set to match! This free printable ladybug to subtract from 10 is the perfect hands-on activity for kids starting to understand subtraction and working on subtraction facts. Tools you need as an Amazon Associate I earn…

Color By Sight Word Winter Kindergarten Worksheets

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Mornings can be CRAZY! I’ve seen everything from refusing to brush my teeth to walking out the door (10 minutes late) with crying babies in tow. This free printable visual program for home is a lifesaver! There are so many benefits of a visual schedule for children! Visual aids help create a morning routine…

Plasticine is a universally loved and appreciated activity. It’s cheap, colorful, has great sensory aspects, and is extremely versatile. We have used playdough to help teach sight words, do science experiments, and much more. I love modeling clay because it can be molded, molded and cut into practically any shape… Finding all these free kindergarten sight printables immediately takes me back to those sweet first days of school, sniff.

Sight Word Printables Free

Now that I have a middle schooler and a new high school student (OMG), I’m reminded of how scary it can be to send your child off to kindergarten, hoping that their reading and writing skills will be on track with those of the college Other children. So I wanted to spend a little more time finding some worksheets and printables that will be helpful to parents of kindergarteners, or even those who have preschoolers who are just starting to learn.

My only advice: don’t let it stress you out. Whether you’re worried about your slower reader or bragging about your kindergartner’s interest in War and Peace (as if you did), everything more or less evens out over time. Hang in there.

A great place to start if you’re teaching sight words: this comprehensive, yet simple, printable list of all Dolch words, sorted by grade. I like that they appear in order of frequency, not in alphabetical order.

Print these free, smart, and robust worksheets to practice sight words in sequential order. There are two sets of 25 each to help children get plenty of writing practice.

Free Printable Spring Chicks Sight Words Activity For Kindergarten

If your kids are more of a visual learner, these are great practice sheets. You’ll find 40 pages full of free sight word printables just by signing up with your email.

I love how colorful these cards are which makes them more interesting than basic flash cards. They’re not free, but at just $3 for the complete Kindergarten Mom set, through Ed Zone Publishing, they’re worth it.

While not flashcards per se, these 40 flashcards in our roundup of 7 Useful Kindergarten Printables are very well designed and offer lots of fun for kids to practice.

There are 18 complete printable games here for kindergarteners, including bingo (above), snakes and ladders, and go fishing. Hey everyone keep learning fun!

Sight Words Kindergarten Winter Bingo Cards

If you have children who need something to do with those restless hands, play dough sandwiches may be the perfect word activity for you. Kindergarten mom offers Dolch’s 220 Words for just $3.

This free printable sight word worksheet uses the color by number format.