How Long Will It Take To Learn Arabic

How Long Will It Take To Learn Arabic – Almighty Allah created a miracle of language when He sent down the Holy Quran. It is seen as a challenge to the formidable eloquence of Arabic in modern times. During this period, the great Arab poets were known for their eloquence.

They created wonderful poems that are still popular today. They achieved a high level of knowledge of the Arabic language, to the extent that they held an annual exhibition of the best poems. Allah called upon them to give texts identical to the Holy Qur’an, but they did not.

How Long Will It Take To Learn Arabic

Before I tell you how to learn Quranic Arabic, I will first tell you what Quranic Arabic means

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Qur’anic Arabic is the term for the dialect of Arabic used in the Qur’an that differs from the Arabic commonly used by Arabs in speech. Various statements, phrases, sentences, expressions, synonyms and word meanings can be found in the Arabic text of the Quran.

And since it differs from modern Arabic, you have to decide whether you want to learn Arabic for communication or for reading and understanding the Qur’an. However, I generally recommend that you start with Qur’anic Arabic because if you do, you will inadvertently and accidentally learn Modern Standard Arabic.

Your ability to learn Quranic Arabic will depend on how persistent and attentive you are. However, you can generally start reading and understanding short passages with the help of a trusted academy and a knowledgeable instructor within a month.

Therefore, if you want to learn Quranic Arabic and the Holy Quran, you should find and join a reliable school or online academy that provides teachers who are native Arabic speakers because native Arabic speakers are the best at teaching their own language. And because you don’t learn it yourself. Remember to be patient, persistent and honest in your learning journey.

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Non-native Arabic speakers will benefit greatly from learning Qur’anic Arabic because they will not have to master as many different dialects of the language as Qur’anic Arabic is spoken in all Arab countries. In addition, you can gain access to Arabic poetry, especially the older ones, by mastering the Arabic of the Qur’an.

Finally, let me conclude this article with a hadith of our prophet. Sahih Muslim. 2699

To facilitate this process, you can now learn Quranic Arabic online with Sheikh Academy. Learning Arabic is a great virtue. Because Allah preferred Arabic over others. It is to its credit that Allah has chosen it as the language of final and eternal revelation. Learning Arabic will enable you to start reading the Quran.

This short article will show you how to learn Arabic quickly and easily and how long it takes to learn Arabic.

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Ibn Kathir said, justifying the choice of Arabic as the language of the Holy Qur’an. “This is because Arabic is the most eloquent, the simplest and the most extensive of languages. Arabic is a language that can fill the meanings it needs to express.

Moreover, “Allah’s choice of Arabic or Arabic as a tool, medium of expression and vessel of thought for conveying the ultimate and eternal message has a linguistic, cultural, scientific and civilizational dimension.

Today, the relationship between expression and thinking, the role of expression in thinking, literary and scientific creativity and mental experiments are no longer denied.

Therefore, only the choice of Arabic as a language for sending, expressing and delivering revelation means that it is a language that has these necessary qualifications.

How To Learn Arabic Efficiently

Arabic speakers find it easy to speak any other language in the world. This is because by learning Arabic, you allow movement and activity of all joints.

Arabic contains the widest group of phonemes. A student of Arabic must move and practice all points of articulation.

Learning to read Arabic without underestimating is very close. A person can even learn Arabic, which will allow him to start reading some words of the Qur’an in a few months or even weeks. But unfortunately without understanding.

The following are the main lessons one will go through if one decides to start reading Arabic early.

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When you start learning Arabic, you definitely start with the Arabic alphabet. One would know the names of letters and especially the sounds of individual letters.

Learning the composition of the Arabic alphabet and also learning the shapes and forms of these letters in different positions of the word. Because you can find every letter at the beginning, middle or end of a word.

Arabic has three different movements which are Fatta, Dhamma and Kasra. That is except for the stop case that is Sukun. When learning Arabic, you need to recognize these Arabic movements and know how to apply them to the letters.

Basically, Arabic movements are short and fast, that is, letter sounds are short and fast. However, in some cases, the voice of the Arab movements should be amplified a little. The Arab movement is now in Maddi letters. Arabic has three letters Maddi. Alif Madd, Yaa Madd and Wah Madd.

How Long To Learn Arabic?

When learning Arabic, one of your challenges will be to make letter sounds with the correct duration, short or long.

Sukun is a symbol above the letters that means no movement. You might conclude that no movement means no sound. This is why the Arabic letters do not have a single sound in the case of Sukun. They need another motion letter in front of them to make their voices heard with Sukon.

It is another lesson you will take while learning Arabic. Tanween is known as Sukun with the noon sound at the end of the word, pronounced but not written. As we can understand from the definition, Tanween can only be found at the end of words, not at the beginning or middle.

Tanween is pronounced and not written, which means you won’t find the letter noon at the end of the word, even if you pronounce its sound. What you will find are the symbols of Tanvin.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic?

Tanvin has three species and three symbols. there is Tanveen with Fatha, Tanveen with Dhamma and Tanveen with bedroom. At the end of the word you will find either a double Fatta, Dhamma or Kasra. You have to say Midday Voice with Sukun for that. This is not the case if you choose to stop at this word from Tanvin.

When you learn Arabic, you will know this term. Shaddah is a symbol that looks like the capital letter Seen. It is above the letters to show that this letter is actually two letters joined. The former always has Suku and the latter has a move like the one that comes with Shadda. What should you do when pronouncing a letter with Shadda and stressing the letter?

These are two forms of the letter Laam, which is part of the English definition of equal (the). Sometimes this laam is recited, sometimes silently. It depends on the letter after them. However, there are certain signs in speech that will help you decide whether this laam will be pronounced or not.

All these lessons show before you learn Arabic are very simple rules that you can understand in 30 minutes. However, practicing reading and using them when you see a word takes a different amount of time from one student to another.

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Basically, the student has 2 to 4 months of intermediate level practice to complete the Arabic reading course. and 8 to 10 months to complete a basic Arabic conversation course.

The words of the Qur’an are Arabic words, and when a person can read common Arabic words, he begins to read the words of the Qur’an. Especially when he learned some words from the Koran while learning Arabic. However, the writing of the words of the Qur’an is somehow different, but not so much, it is too close to understand the difference.

After learning Arabic, reading from the Book of Allah requires knowing certain rules called Tajweed. Tajweed is the science of reciting the Qur’an because the Qur’an is revealed in a special way of recitation that differs from ordinary Arabic. One should know the theoretical rules of tajweed and practice them in front of a teacher who can detect mistakes and correct them.

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Students decide that learning Arabic is a matter of time. We all wish we could study Arabic 25 hours a day, and that’s 8 days