How To Start Learning Arabic

How To Start Learning Arabic – Arabic language is one of the oldest living languages ​​on earth, researchers are questioning the age of this language. The Arabic language used today dates back more than 1,600 years. Arabic is the largest language of the Semitic group, it is the fifth most widely spoken in the world, as it is the mother tongue of more than 480 million people.

The Arabic language has been able to welcome and accommodate various contemporary civilizations. Arabic, Persian, Greek and Hindi. This fascinating combination led to a rich and unique civilization.

How To Start Learning Arabic

Arabic is the language of Islam’s holy book, the Quran. According to the Holy Quran, the Arabic language has become the international language and the mother tongue of 22 countries located in the Middle East, the mother tongue of more than 480 million people and the second or third language of hundreds of millions of Muslims. It is also one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations.

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The importance of the Arabic language is also evident because it is the key to Islamic and Arabic culture, which allows your student to understand how civilized and civilized a nation has been on the throne of the world for centuries and has left behind a great legacy of civilization. . in various arts and sciences over a period of 400 years.

Arabic is used as an official language in more than 20 countries in the Middle East, so it is considered a widely spoken language. Now, many people around the world are trying to learn Arabic, they don’t care about the problems of learning, because they understand the value of this language.

The Arabic language was dominant in the Arabian Peninsula 100 years before Islam. The pre-Islamic Arab heritage was rich and varied. Arabic language is actually the heritage of Arab and non-Arab Muslims, this language is rich and powerful language in terms of vocabulary, expressions and prose concepts.

Arabic is the language of Islam and the language in which the Holy Quran was revealed. The remarkable thing about Arabic is that it has the greatest meaning and purpose of the Qur’an because it is one of the most vivid and flowery languages ​​in the world, making it editable and reliable across time and civilization.

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Many people were interested in knowing the religion of Islam. There is no better way to understand and absorb it than to study Arabic until you have a good understanding of its teachings and rules. So if anyone wants to know Islam and Muslims correctly, he should learn the language of their holy book.

During the Middle Ages or Middle Ages in the Western world, Arab and Islamic civilization was at its peak. Arts, literature, and science flourished, and new inventions and great discoveries were common. Various Muslim scholars are looking for research and knowledge. His research in the Arabic language has become a standard that all languages ​​strive to translate and imitate.

During this period, all Greek and Latin sciences were translated into Arabic, and after the decline of the ancient Greek language, it became the official language of science. Later, all Arabic texts were translated into Western languages ​​in order to transmit the ancient sciences, inventions and discoveries.

Moreover, one who wants to study and learn Muslim culture is in dire need of a knowledge of the Arabic language, and needs to deepen it until it allows him to absorb this vast and profound culture. Learning Arabic helps to understand the culture of the Arabs, their great literature, rich history, innovative sciences, brilliant arts and all other aspects of life.

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The integration of the Arabic language with other languages ​​and civilizations led to its popularity. If we look at the Arabic language today, it has been accepted as one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations due to its cultural and intellectual balance.

Arabic is a very flexible and adaptable language. It can cope with the rapid changes in the modern world, coming to the fore with all the new high-tech concepts and expressions. The Arabic language is rich in eloquence and eloquence. It can provide an interesting equation due to its wealth of uses and derivatives.

Arabic has an estimated 12.3 million words, compared to about 600,000 in English, about 135,000 in German, and less than 100,000 in French. There are 40 million original words in the Arabic language without repetition and 28 letters, as well as an unlimited number of derivatives, inflections, feminines, doubles, and scientific and technical words that exceed the mentioned numbers.

Fluency in Arabic is considered an essential requirement for Arabs. When the Arabic language is mentioned, it does not refer to the dialects, but to Standard Arabic, which is generally the native language of the Arabs. It is better for a person to learn one or two foreign languages ​​in addition to his own to communicate with the outside world and help him understand and learn from other cultures.

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Arabic language is very important for Muslims. It is the language of the sources of Islamic law. The Qur’an and the traditions of Muhammad. It is also worth noting that in Islam it is not allowed to pray without seeking forgiveness because the prayer is only in Arabic. Therefore, the importance of Arabic language has increased in non-Arab Islamic countries such as Turkish, Persian and Urdu.

The Arabic language is blessed with eloquence and eloquence, which is why the Holy Quran was revealed with it. For example, in the Persian language, taura is limited to one meaning, while in the Arabic language, there are several meanings that refer to it. The habit of speaking Arabic affects the mind, morals and religion. The Arabic language is a source of pride for the nation and an essential part of the Islamic Ummah.

Arabic is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, as it is spoken by 280 million people. For non-native speakers, learning Arabic will be a sign of distinction and intelligence, as few in Western countries are proficient in it.

Arabic is of great importance because of the strategic importance of the Arab region, which opens up the possibilities for a person to get work and employment. Reading original texts of Arabic literature such as the book of A Thousand Nights and Days. Traveling to Middle Eastern countries will be easy once one learns Arabic. Learning Arabic makes it easier to learn other languages, such as Persian and Turkish, that share linguistic roots with Arabic.

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According to a study conducted by the University of Birmingham to investigate the survival or non-existence of languages ​​in the future, the Arabic language is an eternal language and will never disappear with the passage of time. These features are as follows:

Sounds and their meaning: that the meaning of the word is understood only through the sound in a general or precise way, and this is one of the important features of the Arabic language that distinguishes it from other languages.

Abundance of Vocabulary: Arabic language has a large amount of vocabulary and no other language has more or equal number of vocabulary than Arabic language.

Mathematical science: It is the science that regulates the rhythms of poetry and its poetic meter and creates the main rules for writing poetry.

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Free Stability: One of the biggest challenges facing Arabic is its stability and success over time and evolution, while other languages ​​such as English have evolved and changed greatly over time.

Note: Most words in the Arabic language have three roots, followed by the fourth letter, then the pentagram, which is due to the great difference in the origin of Arabic words.

The Arabic language is characterized by its adaptability and creativity in various sciences such as engineering, algebra, medicine, arts and scientific experiments. Writing different books on different arts.

The Arabic language is a great culture, a language of science and an essential means of communication in the modern age. There are Syrian universities that prefer Arabic in all their faculties, including medical faculties.

Things That Happen When You Start Learning Arabic

Arabic literature is one of the branches of the Arabic language and the study of Arabic literature refers to the study of language, grammar, morphology, rhetoric and discourse. The science that regulates the rhythms of poetry and its poetic meters and establishes the basic rules