Is Arabic A Hard Language To Learn

Is Arabic A Hard Language To Learn – Why it’s difficult: Arabic has very few words that sound like European languages. Written Arabic also uses very few vowels, which can be difficult for language learners.

Why it’s difficult: Like Chinese, Japanese language learners need to memorize thousands of words. Three different writing systems and two additional language systems.

Is Arabic A Hard Language To Learn

Why it’s difficult: Chinese is a spoken language, meaning changes when you change the sound of a word. In addition, thousands of characters and complex writing systems make learning Chinese easy

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Why it’s difficult: Different sentence structures, syntax, and vocabulary make learning Korean difficult for native English speakers. Korean writing has many Chinese characters.

The best way to learn a second language is the way we learn our native language. We learn by recognizing visual objects and learning to combine these words with other connecting words to make sentences. And all this without any grammar rules or quibbles. Undoubtedly, we are not able in our childhood because if we do this we can learn a new language just like we learned our mother tongue as a child. So what do we do now?

Let’s think about computers and call it Natural Learning. Imagine if it could use thousands of real photos, text and audio. He will teach you Listening Comprehension, Reading, Speaking and Writing to teach you as a citizen. Assessments, exercises and tests accompany each lesson and the self-study program.

The Natural Learning Method works by mimicking the natural language learning process we experienced as children. The system teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without memorization, lists and lessons. Each lesson will use your ability to match words and meanings carefully. You learn to speak, read and write a new language continuously, quickly, naturally and easily. Our Natural Learning Project will recreate the learning environment we experienced as children when we were learning our native language.

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With special lessons in the target language, you start thinking in the new language from the very first lesson. Combining the video with the speaker’s voice and the text will help you identify key words quickly. And this, too, as the building blocks of words, phrases, sentences, and grammar, is still in the target language. In each lesson, you will choose from different activities that focus on listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking or writing.

The Standard Learning Method teaches you to match language with meaning. Match the word with the right picture and the meaning is clear. No explanation or memorization. Words have meaning. The image has a name.

Reading comprehension is the same as speaking comprehension. Natural Learning Approaches improve reading skills by providing written texts that are not supported by language. Match the words to the pictures and the computer will confirm the meaning.

Learning a new language is a great challenge for students. Natural Language Learning Recognizes your voice and plays it to mimic a native speaker’s voice. The meter will quickly assess your speech and recording skills by analyzing your speech in detail.

How To Read Arabic

Dictation uses a computer to check written work accurately. Click on the picture. Write down what you hear. The Study Guide will show you mistakes and enable you to correct your work before continuing.

My name is Sally Morgan, I am American and I am currently a New York Public Schools Language Teacher of French and Spanish. I studied foreign languages, translation and teaching at Columbia University in New York. I lived in Europe for 3 years including France, England and Italy.

I am a linguist and I love how speaking another language opens the doors of communication and thus the whole world. If you want to learn Arabic or are just starting out, this is one of the first questions you should ask yourself. And I don’t blame you.

Arabic is generally considered one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn, with only a few languages ​​as difficult as Japanese.

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Plus, it’s harder (or so they say) if you’re from an English or Romance language background. Well, here is the answer to your question: Arabic is definitely not easy, but it is not as difficult as people think.

In this article, I will focus on Egyptian Arabic because it is the most widely spoken and most popular language to study. But don’t worry – the key points we’ve covered here are relevant no matter what Arabic language you’re learning.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: Egyptian Arabic and Standard Arabic/Modern Arabic/Fus7a (yes, it’s spelled “7”). These two languages ​​are definitely not the same.

Standard Arabic is the “real” ancient language. The language spoken by the Prophet Muhammad is certainly more “authoritative” than Egyptian Arabic. Egyptian Arabic is a language. It is one of over 30 Arabic languages ​​in the world today (depending on how you define “language”).

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While standard Arabic is fine, it is not very useful if your target is Egyptians. In fact, when I started my time in Cairo, it became clear that Fus7a’s three years would not be long.

Standard Arabic is used only for religious purposes, books, and news programs. If you speak Arabic the way Arabs speak, you are speaking a language. Why am I bringing this up?

Well, if you want to know Egyptian Arabic is difficult to learn, you need to know the difference between the language and standard Arabic. And here’s the thing: for most people, Egyptian Arabic is easier than Arabic. This is definitely an experience, and similar to many foreigners I know in Cairo. Let’s go to some specifics.

This is especially true if you are a native English speaker. And this is true of Arabic and Arabic language. For one thing, speaking is completely different.

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Your mouth needs to get used to making sounds you’ve never heard before. While this is normal for any language, Arabic actually has sounds that European languages ​​don’t have.

A good example is the stomach, the back of the throat “3een” ع. This is a letter that took me (no joke) two years to edit. Still, I still can’t.

Speaking is important if you want people to understand what you are saying. Therefore, these different characters can be a real headache for someone learning Egyptian Arabic. Still, give it enough time, and you’ll really know how to pronounce these smart Arabic letters.

In addition, there are 6 or 7 letters that are very different from English. The rest is easy!

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Another thing that prevents people from learning Arabic languages ​​is how to understand the Arabic writing system. I say “discerning” because, well….it’s not that hard! He just shoots.

The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, and many letters change shape slightly depending on where they are in the word. This, like everything, takes a little time to learn.

Yes, writing from right to left (the best thing about Arabic) is amazing if you’ve never done it before.

But even that became “normal” after a week. Even Arabic letters are difficult to pronounce…. it’s easy to write!

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This is not an assumption as a fact: Egyptian Arabic differs from most Indo-European languages. And that makes grammar (in hindsight) difficult.

Whether it’s the familiar “identity” of two things or the gender of nouns (which most languages ​​have), Arabic grammar can be difficult for many students. Especially in the beginning.

One good example is high inequality. With English, you (almost always) add an “s” to the end of a name. And BAM – you have a lot.

While Arabic (both dialectal) has this flexibility with many nouns – many nouns have a different story. It’s the kind of thing where you memorize singular and plural nouns right away. Otherwise, it is very difficult to predict.

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In other words, grammar is definitely an area where Arabic is more difficult than Egyptian Arabic. Standard Arabic is well known for its conjunctions. Ask any serious language student about this, and they’ll probably roll their eyes.

Learning to conjugate verbs in Arabic, and then add an object, can take time. But Egyptian Arabic is different. For whatever reason, the Egyptian language is not very strict about grammar rules. And here are the rules HE has… well, they’re pretty simple!

This is what I know, and it is a foreigner I know in Egypt. Arabic grammar books gave them the confidence….to become Egyptian Arabic.