Learn Arabic From Scratch

Learn Arabic From Scratch – Meet UAE expats who have learned Arabic from scratch A survey found that at least 6 out of 10 Abu Dhabi residents who do not speak Arabic would like to learn the language.

Juveria Siddiqui, a resident of Dubai, carries a book of Arabic stories in her bag every time she leaves her home. As a mother of two young children, finding time to learn Arabic is a luxury she cannot always afford.

Learn Arabic From Scratch

“So whenever I have a lot of time between game days or doctor appointments, I pick up my book and read,” he said. “It helps me learn new words and reinforce sentence structure.

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Juveria is one of the UAE residents trying to learn the language. According to an extensive survey, at least 6 out of 10 Abu Dhabi residents who do not speak Arabic want to learn it.

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Yuveriya’s love for language began more than 10 years ago. Since then, he has taken several online courses to help improve and supplement his language skills.

However, what really helped him was teaching what he knew. “I was in my hometown of Ottawa and put up posters in the local library to teach non-Arabic speaking kids the basics of Arabic,” he said. “I expected 5-6 children to come. Instead, I received 20 students, 70 percent of whom were Arabs.

Although she struggled and hesitated, she soon realized that she loved teaching children, so she read more. When he moved to the UAE after getting married and having children, he started his own company, Arabic, to teach children.

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“It started when my son was still a baby,” she said. “But as the kids got older, I started incorporating elements of science and Arabic.”

As a result of his interest, he is currently working on his PhD at Carleton University in Ottawa to encourage non-Arabic learners in the UAE to learn the language. One of her tips for anyone learning a language is to repeat words and sentences.

“Even if people only know 5 words, they have to repeat them in different scenarios,” he said. “There is no rule that you have to speak in full Arabic. If you know just one word, add it to the conversation. This will help increase understanding and fluency in Arabic.

Another person who learned a language by teaching others is Anesa Fatima bint Muhammad Ibrahim. After starting Quran lessons in 2015, Anisa continued with classical Arabic and grammar lessons. His desire to learn more led him to a course that changed his life forever.

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“I signed up for an intermediate Arabic course,” Aneza said. “However, when I started the course, it was full of Arabic speakers and I couldn’t understand anything. I was determined to improve, so I asked this teacher to teach me how to speak simple Arabic.

Having attended courses for more than two years, Anesa understood the Arabic language much better. She was very happy when she got married and moved to Dubai.

“There weren’t many Arabic-speaking communities in India,” he said. “I was looking forward to coming here and interacting with people who speak Arabic.”

However, when he reached Dubai six months ago, he faced another challenge. “I was nervous to talk to other people,” she said. “I was afraid that because I learned classical Arabic, they wouldn’t understand me and vice versa.”

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He is currently working on building up his confidence in the language and attended a session at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library last week. “It was entirely in Arabic,” he said. “I was the only non-Arab person there, but I understood everything. It was a great confidence booster for me. Now I feel more confident.”

However, not all of those who know Arabic have attended online courses. For some, it’s just part of their job.

This is Afzal, a resident of Dubai, an employee of Delma supermarket. When he came to the city two and a half years ago, he did not know a word of Arabic.

“Some of the customers who come to our store speak English, so we speak Arabic,” he said. “I used to make mistakes at first, I have customers who yell at me for saying the wrong things.

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Before long, she learned enough Arabic to serve customers at a supermarket. According to him, one of his colleagues helped him as much as possible. “She worked as a maid in an Arab [man’s] house,” he said. “So he can speak Arabic fluently. He taught me a lot, and now I speak the language well.

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