Learn English In Arabic

Learn English In Arabic – By learning these 100 key words, you will go a long way in being able to speak that language, even at a basic level.

Many studies have shown that in all countries only 850 different words are used by speakers every day. Learning these language basics is the key to quickly acquiring and mastering any new language. With this method, it’s not about how many words you know, but what words you can use.

Learn English In Arabic

Created by linguist and philosopher Charles Kay Ogden, Basic English is a simplified part of basic English that is easy to learn and allows you to fully express and speak the English language and be fully understood.

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It contains only 850 words that can be used to do ANYTHING in English, eg. click here to read the entire Bible with 850 basic English words, or check out the complete ABC of Basic English online at Ogden Basic English.

By aiming for each lesson to teach you 850 words, this method will teach you to speak any language fluently in a short amount of time.

. Many foreign language learners have difficulty learning. Their textbooks teach special exercises, grammar rules and random word lists. But textbooks cannot be combined. Your only real goal in studying a language school is to speak this language and others naturally.

This process is very useful because it shows how people developed language. Before history was written, we had history. Most people, even kings, could not read or write in ancient times. Some people can’t read today. Most of the unknown language learning process involves only writing to represent the words we speak. So you have to ask yourself, “Why should I learn to read a language if I can’t speak it?”

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Surprisingly, as soon as you understand the speech patterns, the chaotic, “foreign” sound that is common in language learning disappears. You are beginning to recognize words. This process will help change your mind in the first 30 minutes.

Bulgarian doctor Georgi Lozanov created a language learning method called Suggestopedia. The Suggestopedic method involves exposing the child to the study of pairs of subjects, following a rhythmic sequence.

At the same time, baroque music is played at Largo tempo (60 beats per minute). This type of soothing, rhythmic music is intended to create a state of alertness in the student. This method should improve the recall performance by at least 25%

The examples of Lozanov and his representatives in Europe and America showed that Baroque works are the best, because they often include traditional designs, i.e. melodic and melodic changes on a theme, following a numerical pattern. Only orchestral music (orchestra, orchestra) should be used as sound (even for choirs), and instruments that jump to the band the student might be bothered by. Ideally, the orchestra should have a uniform color (the same instruments are played throughout the piece).

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Certain brain conditions are associated with improved learning. Brain wave therapy is a simple way to stimulate the brain to a specific brain state using specific frequencies.

When two different sound frequency signals are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects a phase difference between these signals and performs the function. combination of the two signals, resulting in a third sense of “touch”. The third time is to “touch” “pull” the brain into the correct position of the wave associated with improved learning.

Just sit back, relax or go to sleep. Soon you will know important sounds and words in English. You can practice in your car, on a plane or on a train. It’s simple.

These courses are specially designed to help people like you. People who need to learn English quickly, effectively and forever.

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(artistic performances, baroque music, using brainwave) combined with 850 amazing words of Ogden Basic English Vocabulary, you have a powerful new method to learn to speak English.

Language is acquired naturally by hearing people. The human brain is designed to evaluate. In many parts of the world there are no language schools, but people still manage to learn 4 or 5 languages. They do it because it’s part of their life. They go down to the market, they find people who speak 4 or 5 languages. and because of their exposure to the constant pronunciation of the words and sounds of each language, they begin then their brains absorb the ‘words and parts’ – understand – naturally. Soon, the language is internalized – and they begin to understand and then speak.

The way language is acquired in real-world second language learning situations is by listening to the language itself. And evaluate it yourself. People who learn second languages ​​are more successful than those who go to language schools. If you go to a language school, you usually go to a place where they have a specific idea of ​​how languages ​​should be taught and they impose that idea on you. But the truth is, the human mind is designed to learn the language. One of the important things. Just as a spider spins its web, so do people acquire language. It’s always like that. If you try to limit that process by giving an order that you have to work with, it won’t help much. The advantage lies in being able to simulate natural language acquisition to the extent that any learning method can.

You should ask yourself, why so many people try to learn foreign languages ​​with success. I think there are 2 reasons why they fail: they are not motivated enough and they are not exposed to the truth enough. The key to learning the language is a combination of these two. Motivation, must come from the learner, but since the learner has most of the motivation, the onus is on the course to continue to give them the relevant content. and the kinds of things the learner needs to do when they use the language. . If the content offered is produced by a native speaker of the language in question and based on short learning using the At the minimum of words for real communication, then this motivation is only improved. Since we are equipped to learn language, the brain does other work for us.

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From a language perspective, these courses work in a normal way. Many people try to learn foreign languages, just like people who try to lose weight. Many people try to lose weight and very few succeed. Many people try to learn foreign languages, but they get tired, discouraged, and realize that it is very difficult for them. By introducing the learner to the essentials of the target language, these courses expose the learner from scratch to sounds and real words. This will keep the learner interested and the learner can use the language learned immediately. There is an immediate payment.

Our brains are automatically programmed to take words and put them together. It differs from language to language, but not as much as you might think. Each language is viewed together in a way that some linguists consider them to be dialects of the same language. So, in other words, you already have a machine in your brain ready and waiting for language. What do you do? You have to learn the sounds of the language, which may be different from your own. Then you have to learn the words. That’s all you need to know. You don’t need a lot of complicated grammar rules because your brain is already equipped to figure it out for you.

When you hear something, it is stored in your short term memory. Short-term thoughts will stop, but unless they are repeated and emphasized, they will not stop. Many things go through your mind, when you speak. To create long-term memories, information must be transferred. This happens through repetition.

I think what makes this method so useful is that everyone can listen and learn. Importing a language – yes. By focusing on only 850 key words of the language, this system teaches the MOST in the LEAST time. Let’s face it, most foreign language jobs can be very boring. And one of the main elements in learning the language is motivation. By eliminating the boredom of repetition and focusing on only 850 keywords, the goal of acquiring important languages ​​becomes a reality.

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