Learn To Read And Write Arabic

Learn To Read And Write Arabic – If you are interested in learning Arabic, the Arabic alphabet is a great place to start. If you want to know all about it, you’ve come to the right place!

Learning new alphabets can be daunting for beginners. But with this guide, it’s as easy as Alif, Ba, Tha – the first three letters of the Arabic alphabet, A, B, D!

Learn To Read And Write Arabic

Reading and writing Arabic using the Arabic alphabet is not as difficult as it seems. It can be intimidating for English speakers because of the unfamiliar Arabic alphabet.

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After all, learning to read Arabic means you have to “learn” some habits that are second nature to English speakers.

Bonus: You’ll be surprised to learn that the Arabic alphabet forms the written alphabet for a bunch of different languages, including Persian, Malayalam, Urdu, Middle Kurdish, Pashto, and Uyghur. By learning the Arabic alphabet, you’ll build a reading base for other languages ​​too!

All 28 letters are consonants and most letters have four different forms. Vowels are in Arabic – but we’ll explain Arabic letterforms and vowels a little later!

Some Arabic letters do not have a direct sound equivalent in English, which can be challenging for English speakers. The letter ض (Dath) is commonly used in Arabic which is not present in other languages. Thanks to this famous letter, Arabic is sometimes called “the language of Dada”.

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But don’t let that put you off! With instruction and practice, you can learn to pronounce Arabic well and be able to communicate and understand.

B (Arabic doesn’t actually have a letter p, so Arabic speakers also pronounce “p” as “b”.)

Not even, but soft h, as if blowing out a candle from the back of the throat.

When using pictures, we help remember the shapes of Arabic letters and their corresponding sound.

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Arabic Alphabet Details: 4 Important Concepts to Know 1. Most Arabic alphabets have four different forms

In the table above, you’ll see four different “forms” listed for each character. This is because most letters, with a few exceptions, have four different forms depending on how and where they occur:

When you look at an Arabic text, you may notice that Arabic letters in words can “blend” together.

The individual Arabic letters in the word are ك ت ا ب – but together they are completely different.

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Some letters welcome this flow, others do not. Unfriendly letters (the hint is in the name!) are absent.

While most letters are happy to sit next to the letter they follow, six “anti-social” letters are chosen.

Here are six Arabic letters that do not match the letter that follows them. Instead, they create a space in the middle of a word.

The first and last letters are the Ba character ( ب ), and a non-friendly alif ( أ ) in the middle.

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The first pa flows straight into an alif, and the unfriendly alif makes a clean break. The following bop is written like an isolated letter.

Can you guess why they are called smiley faces? Look closely at them and you will see that they almost look like smiley emoji :).

Unlike unfriendly letters, smileys do not disrupt the ‘flow’ – these letters follow the same rules as other letters. The only change is the placement of the dots above or below the vertical line from above or below the “smiley mouth”.

First you’ll see that you’re connected to yaa – and here you’ll notice that the yaa moves two points from the bottom of the curve below the line.

Arabic Alphabet: The Guide To Learning The Arabic Letters And Script

Arabic uses a system called abjad, where each letter represents a consonant (i.e. no vowels).

Although vowels are not official in Arabic, there are ways of forming long and short vowels.

Alif ( ا ), waw ( و ) and ya ( ي ) have equivalent short vowels.

But this is where the hair falls. Short vowels are written above or below adjacent letters (consonants) with accents (otherwise known as diacritics). But over time, modern Arabic dropped these accent marks. Nowadays, you only see them in texts or literature written in classical Arabic, such as the Qur’an.

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How do you know how to pronounce a word in Arabic without vowels? Context and experience. All good things come with time.

And there you have it. Although learning a set of Arabic alphabets is not easy, you have now absorbed a wealth of information on how to begin reading and writing in Arabic.

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