Middlebury Summer Language Program

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Students from the Arabic section of the Institute’s Summer Intensive Program, including Lauren Lee (front row, second from right), gathered after their graduation ceremony on August 9 for a final photo with their instructors. Abdelkader Burrahmoon (back row, left)

Middlebury Summer Language Program

Eight weeks of intense focus on improving language skills and cultural literacy recently culminated in graduation ceremonies for 102 students in the Institute’s Summer Language Intensive Program (SILP). Running the longest in the institution’s 63-year history, SILP offers a program of focused and engaging cultural events and activities designed to enhance students’ language proficiency.

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“I never thought that I would be able to learn so much in eight weeks – at first I would know nothing. And after that, we can talk about colonial history and women’s rights at the end,” said Lauren Lee, a student studying Arabic. One of the five languages ​​being offered this summer. “I’ve completed other Intensive Language Programs, but none can match SILP in terms of the progress you see between programs.”

SILP’s student cohort this summer is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from across the country. including experts from various fields such as engineering Healthcare, Education and Finance Students in this year’s program come from the United States, China, India and Mexico, learning Arabic (23), Chinese (14), French (21), Russian (12) and Spanish (32).

Student Hamilton Luu (Peace Corps member, AmeriCorps graduate and UCEAP graduate) observed, “SILP’s emphasis on building cultural understanding of our target language—in my case Mandarin—is intriguing. special interest because it means that while I am a community professional development goals It will be easier for me to connect with the Chinese-speaking community.”

I’ve completed other Intensive Language Programs, but none come close to SILP in terms of the progress you see between programs.

Middlebury Institute’s Summer Intensive Language Program: Living The Language On Vimeo

Luu added: “The classroom sessions were intense. But it’s worth the effort. What I didn’t expect was the attention paid to the activities outside of the classroom and how interesting they were.” Throughout the summer SILP students participate in various activities and activities. That is designed to increase understanding and experience of the cultures involved in the language they learn. For example, Luu and his colleagues from China visited Chinatown in San Francisco and the Chinese Fishing Village exhibit at the museum. Pacific Grove Natural History Listen to guest speakers and Laura Burian, Dean of the College of Translation, Interpretation and Speech Language Studies. about her experience as a Chinese and oral translation leader in elementary school Participate in making dumplings Play Mahjong and Tai Chi

Lee said, “My favorite memory from this show was our first debate on the history of Algeria and the Arab world. almost all of which are in Arabic I think it’s at this point that everything fits. Because I realized the value of spending my summer at SILP, connecting with my teachers on a deeper level was refreshing and extremely rewarding. Bringing academics to a context beyond language learning in a vacuum.”

The summer intensive language program offers motivated language students the opportunity to rapidly increase their proficiency in their target language. The program is open to everyone. And students apply to the program independently of the institution’s other part-time programs and degrees, although about half are typically students coming to the institution who wish to improve their language skills before beginning graduate studies.

Sponsored by private capital, SILP awards twelve highly competitive and competitive Fellows for Peace Fellowships. These scholarships support summer language school students related to their career aspirations in conflict mediation and peace building with people, institutions, and communities. This article is written like an advertisement. Help us improve by removing inappropriate promotional content and external links. and added cyclopedic content from a neutral perspective (October 2012) (Learn how and where to delete this message template.)

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Middlebury Language Schools is a language school managed by Middlebury College. Programs include undergraduate and graduate instruction in 13 languages ​​over two, six, seven or eight-week summer sessions. The school releases approximately 1,500 stallions each summer. The program’s teaching approach is based on teaching and immersion learning. All students at the language school are required to sign and comply with the Middlebury College Language Pledge, a pledge to only use the target language while at school.

Undergraduate studies are offered in Abaca, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. In addition to offering postgraduate courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish, the language school also offers Middlebury’s unique Doctor of Modern Languages ​​(D.M.L.) program. Middlebury has announced that will launch a pilot Abacca School in 2020; The first certification session took place in the summer of 2021. Cleats were from ages 18 to 80+ from all over the world. Rolled-up buttons should be high school graduates.

In the past, all Middlebury language schools operated on college campuses in Middlebury. Vermont In the summer of 2009, the college opened a satellite campus at Mills College in Oakland, California to accommodate the growing student body at several schools. As of the summer of 2020, Middlebury will no longer perform at Mills College, but will instead perform at Bnington College in Bnington, Vermont. The English language school will be located in Monterey. California, at Middlebury Institute of International Studies

All 13 Middlebury language schools follow an in-depth approach to language teaching and learning. The school also focuses on teaching culture in addition to language teaching. Students at all language schools must sign the The “Language Commitment” pledge, which has been in continuous use since the 1920s and is a registered trademark of Middlebury College, reads:

Heather Drury Art

By signing this language declaration I agree to use ______________ is the only language of communication when attending Middlebury Language School. I understand that failure to meet this obligation may result in me being expelled from school without credit or refund.[2]

This particular focus on immersion and use of the target language allows the school to offer the equivalent of one-year-six language tuition. Seven or eight weeks summer

Middlebury’s T Summer Schools – Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish – offer graduate programs in addition to undergraduate degrees. They are delivered as four six-week summer sessions (in a t-year period), or with the possibility of combining the summer with an academic year abroad (Italy, France, Germany, Spain or Russia) or online. depending on the language The master’s degree generally awarded is a master’s degree. But Middlebury also has a master’s degree in applied languages. Master’s degrees in French, German, Italian and Spanish require one summer on the Middlebury campus. A second summer is required for masters in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Middlebury offers the unique Doctor of Modern Languages ​​(DML) program of Middlebury, D.M.L., equipping teachers-researchers with two modern foreign languages. Help them develop into teachers of second language, literature, linguistics and language teaching. We use cookies and other technologies to understand our visitor experience and help us improve our website. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies and other technologies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Nsep Approved Summer Program

The language school welcomes students of all language levels from 18 to 80 years old who show their potential and desire to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.

The levels and courses offered are based on registration for the encounter course. Registration is limited to ensure high quality teaching. Please register in advance to reserve your seat. If we need to cancel a course/program or restrict enrollment We will notify the student and return the deposit.

Our learning programs include a wide range of undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals from beginner to advanced levels. We recommend that students complete at least one year of study.

You can only register for a course at one language school at a time. Even if you are applying to more than one school, in this case you will only need to submit one official transcript. However, a separate application fee and instructions must be paid separately. Admission is for one summer and cannot be postponed.

About The Project

A master’s degree is for students who have already completed a master’s degree in their native language. No GRE required

Applicants must have studied a language for four years or more. unless they are native speakers Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution and complete equivalent courses proficiency in the target language or be able to demonstrate language proficiency at an equivalent level. Applicants who will not have completed their bachelor’s degree or who plan to enter