Online Arabic Classes For Beginners

Online Arabic Classes For Beginners – In 2023 February 3 – 12 Rajab 1444 | 5:57 | 7:17 | Zohur 13:20 | Azhar 16:41 | Mahrib 19:21 | Isaac 20:33

Have you tried to understand what the imams in the mosques read/recite during the prayers? Or when you open the Qur’an, you keep referring to the meanings?

Online Arabic Classes For Beginners

What if you could read and understand an Arabic text or listen to a recitation and understand it without referring to translations?

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In the past and until today, Islamic scholars have paid much attention to the study of classical Arabic. Knowing the basics and roots of language structure will definitely help us understand what we are reading and what Allah swt is conveying to us.

Don’t go wrong with Solat. Yes, it helps you concentrate better in solat because you will realize that you are talking to Allah swt and

If you have ever taken an Arabic course, the main focus of the course is to be able to speak or write Arabic. But just ask any Arab guy you know, they may know the language but may not understand the Koran.

The words of Allah in the Qur’an are in the form of beautiful but profound words. The level of Arabic is higher than on the streets or in everyday life. That’s how we understand English, but it’s hard to understand what Shakespeare is using. Even more words of Allah in the Quran.

Year Online Alim /alima (dars E Nizami)short Term Course

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basic structures of the classical Arabic language and to help students understand the language of the Qur’an. There is a strong focus on reading and writing skills.

The teaching method is based on grammar and students will also be introduced to the high frequency words of the Quran.

(Members – If you are already a member, please prepare your ISE membership number before registering. (eg: ISE 000001) Over the past 14 years, students from all over the world have chosen Al Kunuz and our online Arabic courses in private sessions Learn Arabic

The session lasts 45 minutes, which is the ideal length of time to take advantage of the lesson and maintain full focus.

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However, we advise all of our students to maintain a moderate pace, 1-3 private sessions per week, to avoid overload and allow you to keep up with your time and reach your goals. A course once a week is more suitable for busy people.

A month ago, Al-Dulilla, I ordered private Arabic lessons and I can say that I have never increased Muhama’Allah (I studied two years ago, 1 year I learned to read and the second I learned the first book of Medina, this is in two years, it is really too long Subhan Allah!!!) and the method of Al Kunuz is excellent, Allahumah barik, fast results, even if I just started the results are already There is bihidnilah ta3ala!

My teacher is very kind Allahumma Barik, patient, never gets tired of repeating, repeating and repeating again… About the vocabulary that is presented (in the book at the beginning of the session), it is more than useful, it is about everyday words, the book is very well done, the lessons are well organized, one part for speaking, one part for the lesson itself and one part for the exercises.. Al Hadulillah, all very well done.

Besides, there is nothing better than speaking only Arabic, it forces us to understand, to search for words. I tried two methods, and in bilingual courses you focus on your own language to understand, not on the Arabic explanation, which only delays our learning.

Arabic Course For Beginners

I was afraid to start, afraid of getting lost, but after two years and very little results I said to myself Bismillah!! I chose this, Al Hamdulillah, and I must admit that it is the best choice incha’ala ta3ala.

In addition, individual courses are more expensive but have many advantages, student participation is more important, in case of absence there is no need to postpone the class, because this does not happen, the number of hours per week is decided by us, so we can study for 4 hours instead of 6, if the personal schedule does not allow more , it’s very flexible Al Hamdulillah… These are the perks of being single!!

We offer a wide selection of online Arabic courses. You will have to choose from the entire course syllabus (after studying the entire book)

The teacher moves forward at your pace. In order to achieve the best results, our teachers will follow your learning pace. So there is no need to rush or delay too long, the time it takes to complete the program will only depend on how quickly you move forward with the help of our teachers.

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Your session is private, the teacher will be able to focus only on your weaknesses to improve your progress.

You are free to choose the program of our online Arabic courses that you like/suits you best. From a carefully selected list.

Don’t waste time and don’t forget to upgrade your courses with our no-obligation monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions.

Stay focused in our 45-minute sessions. This is the ideal length to get the most out of the lesson without getting tired.

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Get a course report from a teacher in your field. You will be able to track your progress and work on your weak spots.

Our online Arabic courses are available as a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription with no obligation.

You’ll have access to all of your information and be able to change your subscription, change your schedule, report absences, schedule pickups, view course reports… and cancel your subscription with one click.

The benefits of immersion no longer need to be proven, so we believe that learning a foreign language in English is a disaster in education.

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Of course, it was much simpler and more pleasant for both the student and the teacher, but later it turned out to be an obstacle …

Naturally, learning Arabic with the help of English will give you immediate learning results and immediate progress (unlike the 100% immersion method).

But this will cause the student to stagnate (at the beginner level) and unfortunately will not understand the deep meaning of the language/text and will not even be able to “think Arabic” or speak Arabic.

Before that, the student will constantly use the translation reflection, which is very unfortunate in our eyes.

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Adapting can be difficult at first, we know it can be frustrating not understanding your teacher’s instructions and explanations.

It’s perfectly normal to guess what the teacher is trying to tell you at first.

After that, your mind will continue to improve by a few words here and there and by sentences, and with the greatest happiness you will understand entire languages…

Once you pass this stage, a new door to learning Arabic opens for you, which you will never stop discovering in our advanced levels.

How To Read Arabic

* The grammar and translation method is old and outdated, but still overused (for convenience…)

As most students emphasize, the main advantage of Merz is that the student improves his oral skills very quickly and thus can communicate with the teacher from the first sessions.

I started at level 0 where I couldn’t even form a sentence or understand most of the lesson. By the end of this session I could understand half the lesson and speak a little. At level 1 I could understand more than half of the lesson and I could understand.

Now I’m at level 2 (2 hours a week with the whole program) I understand almost the whole lesson and I can express myself much better (I can say what I want by “bubble words”), I’m not eloquent yet, but I will gradually inshallah in the higher levels…

Iqra Arabic Reader B4

I had the opportunity to study Arabic and the Koran twice in the summer and I could compare myself with Merez Al Kunuz… It is a very good thing to study abroad, but sometimes the conditions and adaptation are not so easy And possible. calm down and lose learning opportunities.

Learning online is very convenient, we stick to our basics, we can adapt the plan to our situation and condition (I teach Quran lessons early in the morning because memory and concentration are the best, because I like to learn Arabic early in the evening).

And you will not find such a serious marquis like Al Kunuz anywhere… It is true that sometimes during the first lessons we feel panic, it seems very complicated and impossible to understand, but Subhan Allah with a little patience and perseverance everything becomes clear, We understand the method, we begin to create a few small sentences and we know how to do it