Read And Speak Arabic For Beginners

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How can I teach my children Arabic if I don’t know Arabic? What if we don’t live in an Arab country? How did you get them to use Arabic at home? Can this be done?

Read And Speak Arabic For Beginners

These questions arise when you talk about teaching Arabic to children. The answer to all this is that you can teach children any language. But it is necessary to ensure normal conditions.

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Even if you spoke Arabic, it is embarrassing to speak Arabic when you live in a completely non-Arabic environment. But there is a solution. You don’t need to speak to them in long complex sentences in fluent Arabic. Children learn very gradually. I recommend that you start learning with your children. And use the simple words and sentences you’ve learned with them. This will teach them and also reinforce your learning.

I remember teaching my daughter how to say “I want” in Arabic. (Answer). I just told him a few times. After a few weeks I was bored. Not only did she remember it, but now she used it in different contexts – to say that she wanted different things. Imagine how much you can teach them. Which brings me to my next point.

Children are like thirsty sponges. They learn things very quickly. Have you ever wondered why someone who learns a language at a young age is almost always better at it than someone who learns it later? Why do language learners rarely reach the level of native speakers?

A lot of research has been done around this topic. Children seem to have clear advantages when it comes to language acquisition. One of the main reasons is:

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A two-year-old child has twice as many synapses (connections) in the brain as an adult. According to Dr. Patricia Kuh’s research, babies are born with the ability to recognize and distinguish the phonetic sounds of all different languages. In other words, they are ready to learn any language in the world. At 6 months this ability decreases and they focus on their mother tongue.

“…a young child has such a great capacity for language learning that it doesn’t matter how many languages ​​you teach them… They can learn as much spoken language as you allow them to listen to regularly and regularly. same time Only children have this ability. Their brains are ready to do this… it seems that there is no harm in developing several languages ​​at the same time.”

Although you can learn a language at any age (inshaAllah), if you think about it, it is easier to do it with your children when they are young.

Just imagine. When your son or daughter grows into a young man or woman, they will be equipped to understand the Qur’an, Hadith, and 1,400 years of Islamic literature, all in Arabic. In my opinion, this is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child as a parent. I think that is more valuable than any college education, degree or worldly knowledge you can give them.

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The main idea is to familiarize yourself with the language as much as possible. We use targeted learning for 30 minutes a day using textbooks and apps. The rest of the time should be filled with activities that give the child pleasure and introduce him to the language. I’m talking about things like changing storybooks to bilingual in Arabic and English or whatever. Other things you can do include playing Arabic games, watching Arabic cartoons, and more.

If you are teaching them to read, I suggest you start with Qaida-n-Nuraniyyah which is a book that teaches them to recite the Qur’an along with tajwid. Just download an app with the same name from the app store or play store and your child will follow along. It comes with audio so they can listen to the perfect pronunciation. This is what I use:

Next, you need to teach them to use these words in basic phrases and simple sentences. If you are learning Arabic yourself from a book like Arabiyatu Bayna Yadaik, this step will be very easy. You can make many simple sentences for your children.

Just getting to know the language can speed up a child’s language acquisition. Try to translate all cartoons (or most of them) into Arabic. Most of the cartoons are in Fusha or formal Arabic. Check out the resources section for a list of cartoons in Arabic.

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Another great option is to read story books to them in Arabic. Look for bilingual books with stories in Arabic and English so you can explain it to them. Look for interesting books that children will love to read again. These books are always a great investment.

Activities and games are a great way to learn. For example, check out this great activity by

You can also do simple activities and games with children. For example, play “I Spy” in Arabic while sitting in the car. Ask them the names of simple things – sky, earth, water, tree, river, etc.

I’m also working on developing quality activities and resources, so keep checking out the kids section on the resources page.

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It helps to be part of a community where you can find advice, ideas and inspiration from like-minded parents and teachers.

By far the most useful one I recommend is Google Translate. There is one handy feature that I find extremely useful. If you use Android, you can translate words from any app. Here’s how it works:

For great vocabulary for children, visit the Great Children’s Story website. Translate all the words you like.

IOS doesn’t have this feature yet. But if you’re on a Mac or PC, you can get a Chrome extension that lets you do the same thing.

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By the way, make sure to download “Arabic” in Google Translate so it works offline too.

This is the basic framework you can use to teach your children Arabic. Let me know if you find this helpful in the comments below.

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