Reading Worksheet For 2nd Graders

Reading Worksheet For 2nd Graders – I started publishing some of my printable reading comprehension worksheets specifically for animals. I’d like to start with a clever quote about a black cat named Tom. The quote goes like this:

Tom is a black cat. He lives in a house. He drinks milk and eats cat food. His master sometimes gave him fish. After every meal he licks himself to clean his fur. Tom is a little cat, and his owner calls him cat. Tom likes to play with balls of yarn. He pretends to see a mouse, he runs to catch it. He meows when he’s hungry and pants when he’s happy. Tom is a happy cat and he purrs often.

Reading Worksheet For 2nd Graders

As you can see, the text is very simple. I use these reading fluency and comprehension worksheets to give my second and third grade students a chance to practice their reading skills. I sometimes use it in 1st grade and even 4th grade depending on the reader’s level. The tasks and questions that follow the passage suggest that students know the vocabulary of animal colors and sounds. That’s why I designed 14 color flashcards and 39 animal sound flashcards. Using my reading comprehension worksheets is a great opportunity to expand students’ vocabulary.

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The worksheet shared in the post is from my Animal Reading Comprehension Kit. This kit includes 11 worksheets with quotes about animals and over 280 colorful flashcards to help ESL/EFL/ELL students learn English vocabulary related to animal body parts, animal sounds, animal houses, baby animals, and animal actions. If you feel you need the entire collection of reading comprehension worksheets and flashcards for your English class, you are welcome to purchase them in high-resolution printer-ready PDF files. Have you checked out Second Grade Reading Passages? The latest addition to this collection of great reading passages focuses on using context clues to figure out the meaning of new vocabulary words.

As students move into second grade, they begin the exciting, and sometimes frustrating, transition from basic decoding to texts of increasing complexity. New vocabulary may be confusing for your students but learning how to figure out what words are in context can help!

Students are guided toward answers in a way they feel supported, but given the opportunity to create their own connections. good? Check out what’s included below.

Now that you have some high-quality reading passages to use with your students, it’s important to build a foundation of background knowledge so that students feel confident and comfortable using the new skills.

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This is one of my favorite introductory activities for vocabulary and context clues! Plus, you can use it to create fun master charts for student reference. Start by writing a short paragraph, but remove one of the words from the paragraph and replace it with complete nonsense. For example:

Elizabeth is very worried about her Chubitubaro. He took it to a mechanic this morning because it was making a very strange noise the day before. This morning, his Chubitubaro will not start!

Students love made up words! The stupider and stranger, the better. Read the paragraph to your students or have them read it themselves. Then, work with a friend to figure out what they are

Meaning As a class, discuss what context clues led them to their answers. This activity leads directly into the reading passage. When discussing definitions

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Use the same questions as in the reading passage. This way, your students will feel familiar with the questions asked in the reading passage and can work independently.

Vocabulary cues and context reading components are only a small part of a larger bundle. We have passages for all the comprehension skills you teach!

All are fluency trackers, varying reading difficulties and targeted comprehension questions. Check out this blog post: 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Pathways for more details on this great resource!

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