Sight Word Games For Kindergarten

Sight Word Games For Kindergarten – Did you know that more than half of the words we read are sight words? So it makes sense that it’s an important part of teaching children how to read. Learning to read really doesn’t have to be boring – it’s exciting! These 27 great vocabulary activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten offer engaging, hands-on ways to build vocabulary and improve reading skills!

Grab some chopsticks and enjoy reviewing words with this pick up sticks sight words game. // JDaniel 4’s mother

Sight Word Games For Kindergarten

This sight word game is a great way to build fine motor skills and even get some spelling! // Small compartment for small hands

Sight Word Activities

Take your craft sticks and turn them into these easy DIY Popsicle Stick Sight Word Puzzles. // and next comes L

Popcorn Sight Words is a fun way to review words with your little ones. // The preschooler’s toolbox

These word building travel kits are perfect as word picks on the go or in the classroom.// I Heart Crafty Things

Any monster theme is a hit with my kids like this Monster Munch Sight Word Eater. // craft train

Editable Sight Word Games February

I have a lot of popsicle sticks, so this Popsicle Stick Sight Word Game is perfect for a fun word review. // Teach me mom

These sight word printables are fun for any vocabulary list no matter what words you’re working with!// The Kindergarten Connection

Grab some chalk and head outside for a game of Sight Word Twister. // A mother with a lesson plan

Stay active and on the move with the fun game of Site Word Soccer. // Coffee cups and crayons

Popcorn Sight Words Game And Word Walls For Preschool & Kindergarten

Who knew that Nerf guns also help with learning sight words? ThisShoot The Sight Wordsgame is sure to be a hit!// 1+1+1 equals one

Make some simple and fun word games with Felt to play every season of the year. // Kindergarten Connection

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Alex is a transitional kindergarten teacher with a passion for making learning fun and engaging. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education and curriculum design. Alex is a former night owl who has become an early riser and playful learning enthusiast. Alex lives with her husband and their beloved and energetic cat, Fitz. My kindergartner came home with a list of his first sight words, and my job was to help him remember them. We need some sight word activities to get started! Good news? Kindergarten sight word teaching activities are my jam.

Sight Word Games For Kids

I have tons of free sight word activities that are low-prep and fun. I also filled out printable sight word activities to use for repetition. If you’re looking for a sight word activity, you’ve come to the right corner of the web. Grab a coffee and sit back with these word activities.

Table of Contents: Why You Need to Use Sight Word Activities with Your Kids My Top List of Sight Word Activities for Your Kids Sensory Play Sight Word Activities Movement Sight Word Activities Easy DIY Sight Word Activities Use a Sight Word Activity to Make Learning Fun

Simply put, sight words are words often used in print that are practiced over and over again to help a beginning reader progress. A sight word activity for kindergarten might include “and, the, who,” etc.

Sight word activities engage children so they learn through repetition. They do not always follow a phonetic rule. So when using a sight word activity, you need to repeat letter sounds so children can recognize common letter patterns.

First Sight Words Games

Keep in mind that memorizing words is different from sounding them out. Read more about how to help your child with word families.

Doing sight word activities and saying them out loud helps vocabulary stick, which develops your child’s reading and speaking skills. Sure, you can practice with traditional note cards, but why not learn it through fun and games?

Children remember what they do, see and touch. So slide into the worksheets and learn through movement to engage the brain.

Here, my son uses his magnetic mailbox to add words to painter’s tape. I write words on tape before she gets home from school, and we play this game to review sight words.

Hands On Sight Word Activities That Your Students Will Beg To Do!

We have a magnetic wall, but you don’t need one. Instead, try playing this sight word activity on the back of a baking sheet pan. Fun fact, many baking sheets are magnetic!!

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Sight word activities are great for improving literacy. And remember, sight word activities for kindergarten can be quick, free, and easy!

Learning Resources Sight Word Swat A Sight Words Game

What comes next? Keep reading even your kindergartner! Here is our favorite kindergarten reading list. Learning sight words is a huge part of learning to read! After all, sight words make up more than half of all the words we read in a day. These free printable sight word games are a fun way to practice reading in a hands-on and engaging way. We included 2 dice games, a spinner game and a printable ABC order activity. The best part is that they work with any sight word list!

I like to give my students games that are easy to differentiate. These sight word games can be played with any list! This means that all my students can use them no matter what sight words they are working with!

With Rainbow Roll, they simply roll the dice and write the sight word with the corresponding color. This is great practice for reading color words!

My kids get more excited if I bring out slim markers (love them) or other fun writing tools that are only used for sight word work.

Sight Word Games: Fun Ones That Actually Work!

Order it! A fun alphabet sorting game! Just use your own dictionary and write the words in ABC order on the lines.

Spinner games are always a hit! In Spin & Write, students grab a pencil and paper clip (for a quick DIY spinner), then spin and see what color they write their next sight word!

Roll and Write is a dice game that’s easily become a favorite because it’s a “how does your page fill?” Who turns into a game?

Just roll the dice and write the specified number of words! It can be full and messy – but they love it, and I love that they read and write their sight words over and over again and commit to memory!

Sight Word Fishing

Working with sight words doesn’t have to be boring! Grab a free set of Sight Word Printables by clicking the big yellow download below!

Alex and the TKC team work together to bring you the best resources and activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our hope is that this material will help you reduce stress and gain confidence in your classroom. For more content and behind the scenes visit Alex on Instagram @ Looking for a word activity for your toddlers? Try this kindergarten sight word bingo game! This is a fun way for your beginning readers to practice reading sight words!

The first sets of words are those that don’t follow the “rules” of sounds so children have to memorize them. There are also high frequency words that are often used in writing.

It’s easier for kids to remember, so they can develop fluency and they don’t have to listen every time they read.

Super Fun Sight Word Games

Playing fun word games is an engaging and entertaining way for your kids to learn these challenging and common words.

To prepare for this sight word activity, fill out the form below and click the button to automatically download and print the bingo cards and phone cards.

I like to print this resource on colored card stock as it is more durable. But you can also use copy paper.

Then stack the cards so your kids can use them over and over again. Then cut the business card apart.

Sight Word Games For First Grade Build Santa’s Beard

You may want to review the sight words on the cards before playing, so your kids can practice reading unfamiliar words.

Next, you or the bingo caller will select a business card and read the sight word on it.

Then your kids will search for the sight word on their bingo tile. If their card has a sight word, they cover it with a marker.

If you can reproduce this activity by printing bingo tiles on carbon paper, you can have your children use do-a-dot markers or bingo tiles.

May Sight Word Games · Kayse Morris

This kindergarten site Word Bingo is an engaging and educational bingo game for children to play in small groups, with a partner, or even by themselves as an enrichment activity.

This is a fun sight word activity for kindergarteners learning to memorize all of these challenging and common words!

Want to save this sight word activity for later?