Sight Words For Third Graders

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Here are the words your 2nd grader will be learning this year. They are called “sight words” because they usually cannot be spoken (pronounced) but must be recalled from memory. Help your child master these words using flashcards, games, and more.

Sight Words For Third Graders

*1st grade review: In the first two or three weeks of school, we will review the common words of the first grade (Fry’s Second Hundred Words)

Third Grade Dolch Sight Words Tracing Flashcards

*2nd Grade: After the first few weeks of school we will delve into the 2nd Grade vocabulary (Fry’s 300th word). By the end of the 2022-2023 school year, your child should be able to read 95+/100 of these words without exploring them. We will focus on 5-7 sight words per week.

*Third Grade: At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, we will begin working on some words for third grade (Fry’s 400 words). If your child is an adept reader and reads above grade level, these texts will benefit them at home as they continue to progress to become great readers!

New Prague Area Schools RSS Feed Subscribe to New Prague Area Schools on Youtube Like New Prague Area Schools on Facebook Follow New Prague Area Schools on Twitter Follow New Prague Area Schools on Instagram Follow New Prague Area Schools on Instagram You want to incorporate sports and team building into your literacy courses? Fluency Find does just that! These activities will help your students learn Dolch 3rd grade words while giving them a chance to get up and move around.

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Third Grade Sight Words

▶︎How to play: Have students divide into groups and stand at their desks with worksheets in front of them. Students will say the words they see on the screen and then look for the answers on the test paper. After a few laps, a screen will appear prompting students to switch players. The student who finds the answer goes to the end of the line. Students can work in groups or collaborate to help each other find answers on paper that match what they see on the screen. There are 2 worksheets to vary the learning style as needed, and you can also use timed slides or handheld slides, depending on how proficient your students are with the skill. Watch the Fluency Find It video:

Contents: (24 games) 8 kits with 3 slides per game (6 or 10 second slides and instructions)

—> The list of sight words is divided into smaller sets and sorted by frequency. Only work on 13-14 words per set at a time

.Words are repeated in each slide, so kids have to read/find the word 2 times. This gives them more vocabulary practice. Since sight text is something you will repeat throughout the year, I created 2 versions for each set. This way you can play 2 games for each set of sight words.

Third Grade Sight Word Worksheets

Note —> This will open in Microsoft PowerPoint. To keep the clip art and animations safe, I had to create a password for the file. On a Mac, you may need to click Read Only for it to open. A PC should have no problems opening the file normally. Audio may not work in versions of PowerPoint prior to 2011, so you may need to update your software. Unfortunately, Google Slides doesn’t support animations, music, timers, etc., so it won’t work.

*I’m often asked to make this editable so you can add your own words. These types of actions cannot be edited, but animations, music and timers are still preserved/maintained.

The file is a .zip file. If you need help opening these types of files, you can click here for help!