The Best App To Learn Arabic

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Do you want to know how to learn Arabic fast? Any best apps to learn Arabic? In just 3 months, I learned to speak Arabic in just 20 minutes a day. Hear about my challenges, successes and how you too can learn Arabic!

The Best App To Learn Arabic

I decided to bite the bullet and learn the language of my dreams, Arabic! It is considered one of the oldest languages ​​in the world next to Greek and Hebrew and I am going to share with you how to learn Arabic fast with the best Arabic learning app Spoiler Alert. The Rosetta Stone! The best part? You can get started for free! But more on that later.

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I have also included several useful Egyptian Arabic phrases that you can use on your travels. Keep reading!

I am a perfectionist and very critical. I always challenge myself and push myself to improve and succeed in anything I put my mind to. Plus, I’m stubborn as hell. When I put my mind to something, I have to give it 110%.

Earlier this year I booked a trip to the land of the pharaohs. Okay, I’m going to Egypt! The land of one of the most advanced civilizations, hieroglyphics, the Nile and the young pharaoh King Tut.

Already at the age of 9, I dreamed of going to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids of Giza. I dreamed of tracing the history of the many historical figures I saw captured in Hollywood blockbusters like Cleopatra and The Ten Commandments, and more recently, The Golden Age of Mother.

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Although I have been traveling the world for the past 12 years, for some reason I have never fulfilled my childhood dream. Now that dream has become a passion project.

If you’re a regular follower of Intrepid Guide, you know that I’m a firm believer in learning the local language before traveling to another country. Even learning a few basic phrases can dramatically change the way you see and enjoy a place.

There’s nothing like sharing those moments when you feel a connection with the locals, feeling their language with a smile. There is a special bond when another person knows that you have taken the time to communicate with them in their language, even if you mispronounce it.

With this in mind, I challenged myself to learn one of the foreign languages ​​of an English speaker. I’m learning Arabic! …or at least I tried really hard. My chances are very good because I have created one of the best apps for learning Arabic, Rosetta Stone. (Click here to get $150 off the Rosetta Stone and experience what it’s like to be completely submerged.)

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Three months in, I’m focused on learning as much as possible so I can do basic tasks like ordering falafels (obviously!), introducing myself, asking how someone’s doing, and making pleasant exchanges.

Although many varieties of Arabic are spoken, I am fortunate that the most common and widely understood is Egyptian Arabic.

I chose Rosetta Stone because it is suitable for learning a language like Arabic. Arabic is a foreign language for native English speakers and it is very difficult to start with traditional learning methods. Rosetta Stone is also the father of language learning apps, so I’m sure it can guide me in this career as a linguist.

I run the Rosetta Stone app every day to do some exercises and work through their unit. I know it will be a learning curve as I get my ear used to the tones and sounds of Arabic. I can have some soothing Arabic music to break things up a bit. Do you have any suggestions?

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I’ll be documenting my trip through a series of video updates that I’ll be posting on my YouTube channel, and I’ll be sharing additional updates here on my blog, on my Instagram account, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Want to test your language? Click here to get the $150 CLEAR Rosetta Stone and experience what it’s like to be completely submerged.

Rosetta Stone is the best app for learning Arabic. So, if you decide to join the language challenge, I’d love to hear how you get on.

Want to have fun learning Arabic? Having trouble finding available Arabic resources? I also suggest you get uTalk. Available as a desktop site and app, uTalk is great for learning Arabic keywords and phrases, especially if you want to use it for travel. It’s great for beginners who are just getting into the language, and it’s great for intermediates who want to fill in the gaps in their vocabulary and pronunciation.

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What I love most about uTalk is that you can browse through their extensive collection of articles and choose what you want to read, when you want, and at your own pace. Because I believe in uTalk so much, I reached out to them and we’ve partnered to bring you a 30% student discount in all 140 uTalk languages! This offer is not available anywhere else! Click here for your special 30% discount.

Be sure to follow along and share your language learning journey with me. I would love to hear how you learn languages. And if you want to know, leave a comment on my video and ask me anything from learning a language, Rosetta stone, learning Arabic or travel.

To make things even easier, I’ve compiled a bunch of basic Arabic words for beginners to get you started. These Egyptian Arabic phrases even have a pronunciation guide, because that’s the kind of girl I am.

Plus, if you want to know how the pros learn languages, I asked 11 top polyglots to share their language learning secrets. Here’s how they start learning a new language, overcome plateaus, and retain multiple languages.

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Michele prepares language study guides and travel lessons. What sets him apart from other instructors is his ability to explain complex grammar in a simple and direct way using his unique 80/20 method. Get his free guide to 9 Reasons Why You’re Not Good at It… BUT How to Fix It! Are you planning a trip? Learn the local language for 80/20 less than the price of a restaurant meal. Start learning today!Arabic is a popular language with 1.8 billion speakers. Learn to speak it with the best Arabic learning apps!

Arabic is a shockingly popular language. It is the official language of many Arab countries. This includes about 1.8 billion people. It is also one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. No wonder people want to read it. There are different ways to learn new languages ​​and many of them are available for Android users. There haven’t been many new apps in recent years, but the existing ones have multiplied and gotten better. We help you choose the right ones. Let’s take a look at the best Arabic learning apps for Android.

Busuu is a popular language learning app with dozens of languages. Arabic is one of them. The app has a community style with many traditional and innovative teaching methods. This includes short, repetitive memorization lessons and pronunciation instruction. Get Arabic language, vocabulary and grammar lessons, help from native speakers and offline support. The app occasionally has issues or problems. It’s usually not a bad thing though. The price above may seem like a lot, but it’s less than $6 a month and is competitive with other prices listed.

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Drops: Learn Arabic is one of the new Arabic learning apps. It focuses on quick, short sessions and Arabic language training. It doesn’t really teach much grammar. You will learn words, phrases and conversations. Grammar works the same way. This is a very direct and aggressive learning style. The free version limits your usage time to five minutes per day. You can skip it with the premium version. It’s really good and the free version is enough for regular readers.

Duolingo is one of the most popular free Arabic language learning apps. It uses a simple and quick learning method. Focus is on things like vocabulary terms, sound pronunciation and little memory games. So Duolingo tries to make language learning fun. It seems to work, as 34 hours in the app is apparently equivalent to a semester of college. The app also includes things like daily challenges to keep people engaged. It is completely free with no in-app purchases. We’re calling our image a bit here. Duolingo added Arabic in mid-2019 to be one of the new languages ​​on the platform.

Google Translate is a powerful app for travelers and linguists alike. The app has three main functions. The first is a text translator that works