The Letter I Worksheet For Preschool

The Letter I Worksheet For Preschool – Letter I Kindergarten Worksheet with Crafts, Songs, Show and Tell and More for Teaching Letter I

It’s Letter I time with Letter I worksheets for preschool and kindergarten, crafts, and all kinds of activities!

The Letter I Worksheet For Preschool

When you get a little closer to the middle of the alphabet, the letter I is an important letter. As one of the vowels, the letter I is often used when we read and write.

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So it’s an important letter to teach! Long story short, learning the letter I with all kinds of interactive play, using gross and fine motor skills to write and learning with different sensory impressions will be fun at home or in the classroom.

Plus, learning the letter I is a great excuse to go out and eat a big bowl of ice cream. Let’s dive in and enjoy the letter I!

Songs and music have been shown to stimulate the brain to perform better in many cognitive skills. So putting music into learning in any subject is always a fantastic idea.

While worksheets are definitely the best way to introduce the letters of the alphabet (think multi-sensory for best practice), they are great for revision and letting kids practice and learn to write .

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Here’s a free letter I worksheet you can download for practice (see form above). When you sign up to receive these worksheets, you’ll also have access to the entire alphabet. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Coloring pages are always fun and an easy way to incorporate a sensory activity to learn letters.

Videos are always a fun idea for learning new educational concepts! Abcmouse always has cute letter videos. I’ll post it below so you can check it out. And you can always Google so many I videos that you won’t run out of ideas.

Crafting is always a great way to introduce concepts and letters to your student. Just a few Cover Letter ideas for you to consider:

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When your child is ready to practice tracing the letter I, you can use activities like shaving cream on parchment paper, pool paint, or even pretend to write the letter I. Beyond that (and when my child is ready), I would use sheets . so start practicing.

Here’s a super cute video from the singing walrus to start talking about the correct way to trace and write the letter I.

Show and Tell is one of my favorite elementary school memories. I hope you are able to incorporate it into your classroom activities. Here are some ideas you can give your kids about what to bring to Show and Tell for Letter I week:

You and your child can always play “I Spy” when learning the letter I! Or really, for any letter, you can play I Spy and look around for things that start with that letter.

Find And Circle Every Letter L. Worksheet For Kindergarten And Preschool. Exercises For Children Stock Vector

Or, if you’re looking for board games, check out these games that have the letter I:

We’ve already mentioned songs, videos, crafts, and more that you can do with your preschooler to learn the letters of the alphabet. But there are so many other activities you can do too!

I think my favorite activity to do for the letter I do would be to set up an ice cream station and let my kids put on their own toppings or do it in a really fun way.

Another Letter I activity to consider would be to really focus on letter recognition in a word. Strong phonemic awareness is the cornerstone of future strong readers. You can use digital sound cards like these for free to practice learning letter sounds.

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When learning cursive letters, be sure to put up a poster that shows the letters of the alphabet in cursive. Here are a few from Amazon to choose from:

Have fun teaching your kids the letter I! There are many ways to bring multi-sensory activities to learning this wonderful voice. Don’t forget to show kids that “I” can make a few different sounds.

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Free Letter I Worksheets For Kindergarten

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Check out these letter I worksheets and activity printables to teach the alphabet I to your preschooler/kindergartener. They are designed to improve letter recognition, letter formation, letter sounds, critical thinking, fine motor skills, and pre-writing skills.

Cut and Paste Activity – Letter I Worksheet Cut and paste activities are a fun way to improve fine motor skills and these activities are designed to teach association with things that start with letters and letter sounds. For younger children, cutting can be omitted; get them involved in soldering.

Preschool Tracing Worksheets & Coloring Pages

Place pom poms, buttons or pebbles on the circles in the worksheet to form the letter. You can use some specific color pompoms to combine color identification in the activity. Ask your child to use tongs to pick and place pompoms to improve fine motor skills.

Put the little spy to work on finding the mystery letter hidden in the grid. Shade all the boxes containing the said letter and discover the mysterious letter.

Miscellaneous Activities (Coloring/Stamping/Painting) – Letter I Worksheet Get ready with paint, pencils and stamps for some hands-on activities with the letter I.

Clicking on the images below will take you to the Rainbow Writing Printables page (where you can download/print them). These rainbow writing sheets double as Playdough Letter Tracing Printables. Roll out the dough and fill in the outlines of the letters to form the letter. This helps with letter recognition and formation. Looking for preschool worksheets to help your kids learn their ABCs? These preschool letter tracing worksheets are an easy and hands-on way for your kids to work on letter formation and fine motor skills!

Free Printable Letter Recognition Worksheets For Preschoolers

Using this writing activity will help preschoolers practice using writing instruments and working on pencil grip.

Pre-writing activities like these are also a great way for kids to develop fine motor skills, hand muscle strength, and more.

Before children learn to read, they must be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet by their shape.

Letter tracing worksheets like these are a fun way for pre-writers and emerging writers to learn and practice letter shapes and formation.

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From holding a pencil to flipping through a book, children use their fine motor skills every day as they learn to read and write.

The development of the small muscles of the hands and fingers in coordination with the eyes is important not only for children’s learning, but also in everyday life.

If you plan to reuse these worksheets, you may want to print the worksheets on cardstock, as thicker paper is more durable.

You can then put the worksheets in dry erase pockets and have the kids trace over the letters using dry erase markers.

Free Letter I Worksheets

Then they will trace the upper and lower case letters. Your kids can do this with their finger, pencil, or small manipulatives like a counting bear.

Preschoolers will then trace over the other upper and lower case letters on the worksheets using a pencil or other writing instrument.

Finally, they can say the names of the pictures starting with the letter as they color them.

These preschool letter tracing worksheets are a fun and hands-on way for kids to work on writing lowercase and uppercase letters, fine motor skills, and more!

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Want to save this preschool letter tracing worksheet for later? Pin it to your Pinterest board and it’ll be here when you’re ready!

Do you have auditory learners who need to hear how letters are formed while practicing their writing? Using these letter tracing books, your students will read (or listen as you read) how each letter is formed. They will then practice writing the letter while rehearsing how they are shaped for multi-sensory learning. Click on