Words That Rhyme With Game

Words That Rhyme With Game – News – Play our new Spell Consonant Digraph Words game. All stories and games are compatible with all devices, iPad, Android, Chromebook… and even on Club Roy!

Learn the rhyming words with our game below. Perfect for supporting your KS1 students’ reading skills, there are three to choose from and multiple versions of this reading game theme at Club Roy. Register if you intend to play this game. This game is part of our collection of reading games.

Words That Rhyme With Game

In this rhyming word reading game, the bee hides a word that rhymes with bug, click on it to find the word and then if the word rhymes with bug bring it back to the hive. We have lots of rhyming word games at Club Roy for you to enjoy.

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Once the game is loaded, you will see an introduction screen, read the instructions and click on the start button. All bees have words behind them. To see the word click or tap and hold the bee. The word will appear and you can also drag the bee around the screen. What words did you find? Rhymes with bugs? If it does, drag the bees and words to their nest (an empty box hanging from a tree). If it doesn’t rhyme with bug then let the bee go and leave him alone!

The game will detect when the beehive is full of words and then automatically mark the words, checking if they rhyme with bugs. If they do, the flower will grow – well done!

If you have found all the rhyming words, you can move on to find more bees and help the flower grow even more. Keep track of how many bees you need with the scorecard in the lower right corner.

If during the game you get a wrong answer, you can click or tap the snail to undo your last answer.

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To exit the game, click on the Home icon and it will take you back to this page. Enjoy playing the rhyming word bug game!

This reading game features animated bees, wrong answer tree snakes, animated growing flowers, bee score cards and sound effects.

Rhyming words can be played on iPads, Android devices, Mac desktops and laptops, and Windows machines. It works well on various browsers including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Our browser of choice is Chrome but use what works best for you.

Belinda, our hen, loves to eat apples. In this rhyming word game, the apple in the tree is a special rhyming apple and hides words that rhyme with “cat”. Find an apple that rhymes with “cat” and bring it to Belinda’s house so she can eat a delicious apple treat.

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Let the game load, once it loads, an introduction screen will appear. Read the instructions and click Start to start the game.

Click or tap on the apple and it will show you the words it hides. If the word rhymes with cat, drag and drop the apple to Belinda’s house, where the square is empty.

The reading game will notice when the word box is full and mark your words automatically. If you find all the apple words that rhyme with cat, then Belinda will be very happy with you.

Also, if you make a mistake while playing, you can click on the snail and it will undo your last answer.

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See how many apples you can collect for Belinda using the apple scorer. Will you get them all?

A rhyming word game featuring Belinda the Chicken animation, animated snails, apple scorecards, drag and drop word apples, sound effects and an easy-to-use interface.

The game is compatible with iPad and Android devices, Chromebooks, desktop PCs and Macs. It can be played with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

It’s a beautiful starry night in the savannah and Ryan is excited because he saw some rhyming words behind the stars, he also has his own skates and he really wants to show you how good he is at skating. In this reading game, find words that rhyme with “hill” and add them to Ryan’s word box. If you like this game, you can find other 14 word rhyming games at Club Roy.

Words That Rhyme With: A Fun Preschool Game

Wait for the rhyming words game to load and once loaded you will see an introduction screen: read the instructions and then click the start button.

The first screen shows Ryan with a starry sky, click or tap the stars to see the words. If they rhyme with hill, drag and drop them into Ryan’s word box.

The game will detect when Ryan’s word box is full and then mark your words, hopefully all rhyming with hill. If they do, Ryan will show you how good he is at skating! If you don’t have all the right answers, don’t worry, you’ll have another chance to find words that rhyme with hill.

Exit the game by clicking the Home icon and it will bring you back to this screen.

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Ryan the Rhino animated roller coaster, animated alarm clock, animated stardust, draggable stars and scoreboard.

Use this reading game with iPad and Android devices as well as Chromebooks, desktop PCs, Macs and interactive whiteboards. The game is widely compatible, can be used with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. We recommend that you always keep your browser updated with the latest version to get the most out of this game. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. If you want to download you need to submit your contribution.

Rhyming Words Game Page 1 Part 1 of 16 rhyming words series. Pictures and words are on paper, so it is useful for young and older students. The game can be played in groups where the cards are dealt. Students have to find words/images that rhyme with their own words. The game can also be played individually. Place the cards in groups that rhyme. FULLY MODIFIABLE. Print on card stock, laminate and cut on the dotted line. Page 2 and the domino game were also uploaded today. Level:Basic Age:4-10 Downloads:298 Copyright 27/2/2010 Joey Botha Publication or redistribution of any part of this document is prohibited without permission of the copyright owner. see other worksheets by Joeyb1

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Before sharing the game with you. I want to share some of our favorite rhyming videos. Rhyming can sometimes be a difficult skill for some young learners and this video helps make it fun.

In this fun song, Rocco loves rhyming words and gives many examples of rhyming words. Rocco gives 2 rhyming words at the beginning of this song and at the end Rocco will give the first rhyming word and the students will fill in the other rhyming words.

It’s fun to get the kids up and moving. When they hear words that rhyme they practice and when they don’t rhyme they freeze!

And this is another funny one from Jack Harmann. Play rhyming games with children and get them moving by sitting and standing when they hear rhyming words.

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And now about our rhyming game! To prepare for the game, simply download the cards below, cut them out and laminate them for extra durability.

To play with the whole class – there are 30 rhyming cards in total. If you have less than 30 students, you need to call the others