Writing Prompts For 4th Graders

Writing Prompts For 4th Graders – Do you remember one of your elementary school essays? I was just cleaning out my basement storage area and found some old essays and projects that made me laugh. It’s so sweet to look back at the writing I did as a youngster and remember how much I loved telling stories, whether they were fiction or non-fiction.

Both of my children are in upper elementary school and are currently working on essays and stories. It was just as exciting for me to see what they brought home.

Writing Prompts For 4th Graders

My middle child is in fourth grade and he is working on a narrative writing project. This is the description given by the teacher.

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It’s funny to see everything like that, but even mature writers sometimes forget these basic elements. It never hurts to get this basic reminder.

As you can see, my fourth grader has bad handwriting. But he had a good idea. Topics could be the day he met Michelle Obama, our trip to Ireland, his birthday, and our family trip to Erie, PA.

His worst day included a trip to the dentist, the day a young visitor messed with some of his LEGOs, a best friend who transferred schools and the day the hermit crab died. These are some bittersweet moments.

Every good story includes some moments of joy and moments of sadness. But my fourth grader felt it, very deeply and I knew it was hard for him to write about something so sad. I expected him to choose a happy day, and I guessed right. He told me he was writing about the day he met Michelle Obama.

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But he surprised me and actually wrote a narrative essay about our trip to Erie and my triathlon. When he brought his rough draft home to share with me, I noticed how his essay had elements of narrative writing. He describes the events in chronological order. Our family is a character. He included little details that showed he noticed how nervous I was. He included the setting in the description. I feel he is doing well and I enjoy watching his writing progress.

If you’re looking for journal entry prompts or ideas for a quick blog post, consider creating a piece of narrative writing with a best day / worst day prompt. Encourage kids to write with these 40 writing prompts! Half the problem with writing is that children have trouble deciding what to write. These printable writing prompt cards will eliminate that problem and help kids write.

This article was originally published in June 2013 and was updated with new ideas and printable prompt cards in May 2021.

This writing idea is perfect for grades 3 to 5, or ages 8 to 10. Of course, students are different, so you can choose the topic/card that works best for your child.

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There are 40 writing cards to print. Ideas include different writing styles – narrative, persuasive, descriptive, and how-to. There are even some cards that are the subject of research.

I offer this prompt for free download, but please use it for personal use only. Don’t offer it on your own website. After you’ve printed out the writing instructions, simply cut out the card and you have an instant writing station!

Summer is a great time to work on more writing practice! It’s easy to have fun by letting the kids pick out a new notebook and some fun pencils. And who says writing has to be done at a desk or table? Children can spread a blanket under the tree or sit on the playground. Or go to a park or coffee shop for some time to write!

This article is recommended not to be based on a summer topic, however, so that it can be used any time of the year.

Writing Prompts For Kids 4th Grade: 101 Things To Write About For 4th Grade Students That Help Them Develop Strong Writing Skills

You can have the kids write just for the experience, and it’s definitely worth it! If you are doing this as a summer post, you can write this!!

Or, you can add more structure to it. If you want to teach the writing process, I recommend the following.

1. Pre-write. Create a list or graphic organizer of some kind. Many guidelines are designed to guide children through the 5 paragraph essay. It’s easy to outline 3 main points with supporting details, then a brief introduction and conclusion.

3. Child editing for punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Replace boring words like “good” and “good” with more descriptive words like “good” and “good”.

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4. change the parent for all similar objects if one is missing. (And remember, we’re not editing as punishment, but because that’s what the best writers do.)

Ready to print your set of 40 writing prompt cards? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can save or print from there. By using fourth grade writing prompts you can encourage your child to practice their writing skills. It can be added to their daily journal. This is a great way for them to reflect on their day and emotions.

It has lots of fun prompts that will get kids wanting to write about their thoughts and feelings.

19. You wake up one morning and see a rocket ship behind your house. Go up there. Write what happens next.

Opinion Writing Prompts

21. If you were to spend a whole year on a remote island, write down the things you would pack.

24. Imagine being a mad scientist, inventing a new drink. What is it called? How does it feel? Is it safe to drink?

25. He was walking in the forest and heard footsteps. You turned around but no one was there. What happens next?

29. If you could be friends with a cartoon character, who would you want to be friends with?

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30. Imagine waking up one morning and all your toys start talking to you, what are they saying?

33. If you were to become a parent one day, how would you do things differently from your parents?

34. You are invited to visit Buckingham Palace and meet the Royal family. Write how the day was? How do you greet? What food did they serve you? What protocol should you follow?

41. Write a story about a day out at the beach. what are you doing? Who is that with you? How bright was that day?

Fall Writing Prompt 3rd Grade 4th Grade Thanksgiving Writing Fall Bulletin Board

42. Imagine finding a book that takes you to your favorite video game. Explain what happens next.

43. A magician calls you on stage and says he’s going to lose you in a few minutes. However, he forgets his magic and you still lose. Explain how you found your way back? where are you What did you do when you were lost?

45. Open a random book to any page. Write for 5 minutes about the first word you read.

47. If you could eliminate one subject in school, what would it be? Don’t you think that topic is important?

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54. Think of opening a new store, what would you say? What do you sell there? Where is your store located?

58. If you could make a robot of any kind, what would you make? What can robots do? What does the robot look like?

We hope you enjoy the fourth grade writing guide. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Apps and games, Captions, Safety, Streaming Media, Names, Trivia Questions and Quizzes, Anime, Writing For Kids, Writing Prompts, screen-free activities, Online Safety Tips Asked you and we listen. Printable writing worksheets for 4th graders and writing prompts pdf are here. Writing is an important part of a child’s education. What they learn as children and how they learn it will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Tails Of Teaching: Increase Student Writing Skills With 4th Grade Writing Prompts

Does your fourth grader write or journal regularly? I hope so! After they practice writing every day for just a few weeks, you will notice an improvement in your students’ writing skills. You may also notice an improvement in their ability to present clear, coherent reasoning for their beliefs.

To help you in your efforts to give children the writing skills they need, we offer you the following free writing resources. Some resources are writing worksheets and some are printable. We also share links to our favorite writing worksheet resources for fourth graders.

If you need a fun way to support the development of your child’s writing skills, you’re in the right place. We welcome you and hope you enjoy the resources on our blog.

4th Grade Writing Prompts (Here you can find prompts from printable pdfs and find great writing information for your 4th graders.)

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For fourth graders who are getting older and becoming more comfortable with their own identity, journaling is a powerful tool that offers a safe place to explore their innermost thoughts.

Daily journaling is a powerful activity that can strengthen your students by giving them stability, reliability