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When I was in fifth grade, my best friend and I had an unofficial battle to see whose handwriting was neater. We practice writing our names over and over in our notebooks. We do some in regular handwriting and some in bubble letters. I remember it was a big deal to have many different colored pens in our pencil cases. I begged my mom to buy one of these:

Writing Prompts For 5th Graders

I thought my BIC 4 color pen was the best thing ever. Have you ever had one? I loved how it changed from blue to green to red or black ink with one click.

Expository Writing Passages And Prompts With Lexile Levels

Today’s kids don’t write as much as we do. The art of handwriting is disappearing and it is up to us to help save it. I recently took the BIC Pledge to Save Handwriting at BICFightForYourWrite.com and think you should too.

Remember how fondly I remember my first 4-color pen? I know pens and pencils can be interesting.

BIC X-tra Fun pencils have a colorful two-tone barrel that immediately caught their attention. These #2 pencils deserve an award for best school supplies of the year. Kids can make writing more fun by trying out new pens and pencils.

A small caddy holds pens, pencils and paper. If I put it on a desk or table where my kids can see it, they are more likely to sit down and draw or write. I don’t know exactly why it works, but it does. One of my boys likes to keep the workbook in there for me so he can do “homework”.

Writing Prompts Worksheets

Set aside a few minutes each day for the children to write in their journals. Before bed usually works best for us. We talk about what happened that day and the children have a few minutes to write anything they think is important. Even if a toddler can’t write, give him a pencil and let him draw. This is a great pre-writing exercise. Tip: If you’re going on a trip, be sure to take their magazines with you. Writing helps them pass the time and remember the details of their journey.

Sometimes children need a little familiarity to help them get started with journal entries. Download and print my free journal writing prompts for kids printables. Put it in the pages of their journal so it’s ready when they need an idea to write about.

Join BIC’s mission to save handwriting. Show kids how great handwriting is, and how great they can be! Take the pledge at BIC Fight for Your Right.

This is a sponsored talk I wrote for Bic. All opinions and text are my own. These creative writing prompts for 5th grade are perfect for your writing lessons or literacy centers. There are 25 feedback writing worksheets to cover a year’s worth of writing!

Fall Writing Prompts For Kids

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This 30-page fifth grade opinion writing resource is essential for teaching opinion writing or persuasive writing. Your 5th graders will love these prompts during writing lessons, writing centers, or writer’s workshop. These writing activities are not prep worksheets, so just print and go!

This is a year’s worth of worksheets that are student-friendly and feature seasonal topics (so students can have fun writing idea pieces throughout the school year, such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Summer , autumn and winter)!

Triggers are available in 5 different mold designs. Some are more scaffolding/image based and others have more lines for advanced writers.

Narrative Writing Passages & Prompts With Lexile Levels

At first glance, this product seems simple enough for advertising grade. This product is not intended for pages full of lines of writing (although there are some questions). It’s a more scaffolded way to teach writing with word prompts and word linking, as well as small clip art and interesting boxes. It’s perfect for students who struggle with writing during the school year or are learning the genre for the first time. This is the ultimate bank of over 300 writing prompts for kids. From creative writing to journaling ideas and even a hint of impromptu poetry. When you’re bored or need a little inspiration, here are some fun ideas for writing prompts for kids that you can use over and over again.

This list of creative writing prompts for kids includes writing exercises, short story ideas, creative prompts, and picture prompts. All perfect for beating writer’s block and even helping you write a complete story. If reading this list is difficult, you can use the prompt generator below to get quick random ideas. And there’s a free PDF version of this post at the end of this list – keep reading!

Now is the time to download your free printable writing prompts for kids PDF! This printable PDF contains 150 writing prompts for kids that you can print out and use as inspiration for your next story! For more fun writing prompts, check out our dedicated writing prompts section.

This collection of writing prompts for kids is perfect for both young writers and experienced writers. We guarantee you’ll feel more inspired and ready to beat writer’s block with these creative writing tips. Share your writing prompts and tips in the comments below.

Monthly Writing Prompts To Engage Students And Make Writing Fun

Marty the witch is the master of the Imagine Forest. When he’s not reading tons of books or writing some of his own stories, he likes to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in the Imagine Forest. While living in her treehouse, she devotes her time to helping children around the world with their writing and creativity skills.

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We use cookies to make this website safe and efficient for all its users. If you continue to use this website we will assume that you are happy with it. Get kids writing with these 40 writing tips! Half the problem with writing is that children have trouble deciding what to write. These printable writing prompt cards eliminate that problem and help kids actually write.

This post was originally published in June 2013 and was updated in May 2021 with new ideas and printable writing prompt cards.

Back To School! Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

These writing ideas are perfect for grades 3 to 5 or ages 8 to 10. Of course, students will be different, so you can find the topics/cards that work best for your kids.

There are 40 writing cards to print. Ideas include different styles of writing—narrative, persuasive, expository, and methodical. There are even some cards that are research topics.

I offer these tips for free download, but please use them for personal use only. Do not collect them on your website. Once you’ve printed out the writing prompts, cut out the cards and you have an instant writing station!

Summer is the perfect time to work on extra writing practice! You can easily make it fun by letting the kids get a new notebook and some fun pencils. Who says writing has to be done on a desk or table? Children can spread out blankets under the tree or sit on the playset. Or go to the park or coffee shop for a while!

Writing Prompts For Kids: A Fun And Creative Picture Story Starters Journal For 1st Grade, 2nd Grade And 3rd Graders (story Starters And Prompts For Kids)

However, these writing prompts are not summer-themed, so they can be used any time of year.

You can write to kids just for the experience, it’s definitely worth it! If you’re doing this for summer writing, you might want to write them down, and that’s it!!

Or, you can add more structure to it. If you want to teach the writing process, I recommend the following.

1. Write in advance. Create some kind of list or graphic organizer. Most of the prompts are designed for kids to write a 5-paragraph essay. It’s easy to plan 3 main points with supporting details, followed by a brief introduction and conclusion.

Kids Creative Writing Prompts: 120 Fun Story Starters To Kickstart Kids Imagination And Spark Ideas: Prompts By Hallows: 9781696115858: Books

3. Children’s editions for punctuation, spelling and grammar. Replace boring words like “good” and “beautiful” with more descriptive words like “amazing” and “great.”

4. If something is missing, parents make amends for it. (And remember, we’re not editing as punishment, but that’s what the best writers do.)

Ready to print your own set of 40 writing prompt cards? Click on the link below. The file will open and you can save or print from there.